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19 Nov 2006

Overheard at FO

Every week, Football Outsiders staffers e-mail each other with updates on Sunday's action as it happens. Here's what we were talking about this week:

"Kansas City's first drive of the game: 10 rushes for 73 yards, one pass for three yards, finished off with a rushing touchdown. Welcome back, Trent Green!"

"Favre out. McNabb out. Bad day for a lot of fantasy teams."

"I know that the Patriots have injuries in the secondary, but really, enough with the Troy Brown thing. That was supposed to be for emergencies only. He has two penalties so far as a defensive back this year, and at one point he was in man coverage on Donald Driver."

"There is a rumor circulating in Philly that the boys were out a little late last night celebrating Donovan McNabb's birthday. They played like they were hung over today."

"Peyton Manning is getting no protection at all."

"Does Mike Nolan fidget this much when he's not wearing a suit?"

"The Seahawks defense just seems to have skipped tackling school this week."

"Now that the Lions are getting their asses kicked by Arizona, can anyone think of any plausible reason that Matt Millen should still have a job?"

"There's no way the Cowboys do not cut Vanderjagt this week."

"Would you like to know who's playing receiver for the Lions now? Josh McCown. Seriously. Josh McCown. Matt Millen spent a Top 10 pick on Mike Williams, and now he can't beat out a quarterback for playing time at wide receiver. And not a particularly fast quarterback, either."

"Now we can go back to talking about the Colts with sanity. We can talk about what they really are: a great offense, a bad defense, atrocious special teams, one of the top teams in the NFL but not a Super Bowl favorite."

"Conversation overheard at NBC: 'Can we un-flex Philly at Indianapolis and go back to Chicago at New England instead?'"

"It turns out that if you have LaDainian Tomlinson on your team, there may be no such thing as a hole too deep. This also goes for my fantasy team, which had a terrible week until about ten minutes ago."

"Igor Olshansky is a buffoon, but even more so, Tom Nalen is a scumbag."

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Posted by: Mike Tanier on 19 Nov 2006