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02 Oct 2006

Overheard at FO

Every week at Football Outsiders, the writers e-mail each other with thoughts and updates about Sunday's games as they happen. Here are some of the things we said on Sunday:

"Albert Haynesworth should get a 10-game suspension for what he did. It was perhaps the dirtiest move I've ever seen on a football field."

"Pennington made a stupid play worse by tossing it up for grabs. Horrible, game-changing call."

"Look, this is the Colts. You don’t kick a field goal against them and think, 'golly, this three-point lead sure is safe.'"

"So, for those scoring at home, I have it as: Pennington’s little swing pass to Leon Washington. Washington handed off to Brad Smith. From there it was (deep breath) Smith to Laveranues Coles, Coles to Chad Pennington, Pennington to Justin McCareins, McCareins to Smith, Smith to Coles, Coles to Nick Mangold, Mangold to Washington (who lost the ball), and the game-ending recovery by Indy’s Jason David. That was fun."

"Looked to me like the Chargers backed off on the final drive. If I were Brian Billick, I wouldn't do any preening after that one."

"I'm not sure which is worse, the Raiders' O-line or the Browns' back seven on defense. As expected, this is just a painful game to watch."

"Anyone notice the lack of a great team this year?"

"Calling the Bengals run defense 'average' is a compliment. This is the second straight week they've been treaded."

"I just saw Keanu Kaesvaharn's hit on Reche Caldwell. It's amazing how much better he is when he's plugged into the Matrix."

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but right now, the Ravens are the best team in the AFC North."

"No really great team this year? I humbly submit the Chicago Bears."

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Posted by: Mike Tanier on 02 Oct 2006