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15 Oct 2006

Overheard at Football Outsiders

Every Sunday, the writers at Football Outsiders e-mail updates and analysis to one another on all the NFL action as it happens. Here's what we were talking about this week:

"McNair got the snot knocked out of him, almost literally. You can see that he was holding his hand up to his face as he woozily walked off the field. Sometimes, guys will get hit hard enough to make things in the sinuses move around. Lesson to players? Blow your nose good before the game."

"Somewhere along the way, the Eagles removed all 10-25 yard passes from their playbook. They have the screen, the short cross, and the 'McNabb hold the ball a long time and throw a bomb'.play."

"Give the Saints credit. Their offensive line is better than anyone expected, and their linebacking corps is not as bad as it looked like it would be at the start of camp."

"The Lions actually looked like a competent NFL team today."

"Is there any sort of fake LaVar Arrington won't fall for? Do his teammates laugh each week when Arrington comes to practice and shows off the watches he bought on Canal Street, or do they just accept it at this point? How much money has he sent to Nigeria?"

"The Texans are no better than they were last year. Andre Johnson is a stud, and the rest of the team is a mess."

"Sports Illustrated had a player pool of who was the top wide receiver in football, and Torry Holt was in the equivalent of "others receiving votes." What a joke. He's a great receiver. Great hands, great routes. He abused the Seahawks throughout the game. He's on his way to his 7th straight 1300 yard season."

"Seattle takes the lead for the first time in the game in the fourth quarter after Kevin Curtis fumbles a kickoff return and Matt Hasselbeck throws to Deion Branch in the end zone two plays later. I need a beer."

"Jeff Fisher was celebrating this win like it was the Music City Miracle. Small victories..."

"In six of the eight early games, the underdog won outright."

"Remember: Just as Kansas City is not as good as they looked against San Francisco, they are also not as bad as they looked today."

"I usually don't root for the Steelers. But I'm enjoying this beat-down."

"The refs called unsportsmanlike conduct on Larry Johnson for flipping Troy Polamalu's hair after the hair-pull tackle. Ridiculous. Like I told my wife: either put it in a bun or cut it if you don't want people doing that to you."

"The Jets managed to keep Ronnie Brown under 6 yards a carry today. Pretty good day for them."

"All I feel for Raiders fans now is pity. Were the NFL ever to take a team into receivership, this might be the one."

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Posted by: Mike Tanier on 15 Oct 2006