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18 Oct 2006

Who will unearth Fassel?

An uncertified sports book from the island nation of Genosha has started taking action on where Jim Fassel will be working next season. Here are the early odds:

Head Coach, Arizona Cardinals: 4-1

Offensive Coordinator, Cleveland Browns: 5-1

Head coach, Miami Hurricanes: 6-1

Studio Analyst, NFL Network: 6-1

Offensive Coordinator, Oakland Raiders: 13-2

Head Coach, Fresno State (after Pat Hill takes over the Cardinals): 8-1

Head Coach, Rutgers (after Greg Schiano takes over the Hurricanes): 8-1

Color Commentator, CBS: 12-1

So far off the major football map that Lewis and Clark couldn't find him with 20 Indian guides and a hundred dugout canoes: 25-1

Head Coach, Pittsburgh Steelers (after Bill Cowher retires): 50-1

Bed 'n' Breakfast operator at Montana fishing resort: 51-1

Offensive Coordinator, Pittsburgh Steelers (after Ken Whisenhunt takes over the Cardinals): 52-1

Voiceover Artist for EA Sports NFL Head Coach 2007: 200-1

Head Coach, Baltimore Ravens: 10000-1

The same sports book is taking action on Keith Rowan:

Employed in a football capacity: 400-1

Selling real estate or something: even

Posted by: Mike Tanier on 18 Oct 2006