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06 Jul 2007

Leaf: The Film Clip!

A few months ago, Mike Tanier wrote about the new independently-made "mockumentary" Leaf, about everyone's favorite quarterback bust. Mike mentioned that he had a small role in the film, basically playing himself. The folks from Parking Lot Films have put out a film clip from the movie, shown on the NFL Network and other places, and it stars... our very own Mike Tanier! For those of you who always wondered what he looks like, now is your chance.

Posted by: Mike Tanier on 06 Jul 2007

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by Alaska Jack (not verified) :: Fri, 07/06/2007 - 9:50pm

Cool. As I mentioned in that long ago thread, I still think that the Ryan Leaf story would be good material for a more in-depth, John Feinstein-type book.

- Alaska Jack

by dryheat (not verified) :: Sat, 07/07/2007 - 12:03pm

When does Leaf! The Musical go off-Broadway?

by Theo, Netherlands (not verified) :: Sat, 07/07/2007 - 6:29pm

Is there any footage of him playing?
can't find it anywhere.

by Harris (not verified) :: Sun, 07/08/2007 - 3:34am

Who'll play the love interest? My money is on Natrone Means or that saucy Junior Seau.

by NF (not verified) :: Sun, 07/08/2007 - 7:06pm

Tanier had beer thrown at him by Ryan Leaf?

by Ilanin (not verified) :: Mon, 07/09/2007 - 9:00am

5 - No. But I think it's worth spreading that as a garbled version of events just to increase the legend.