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23 Jan 2008

The "Downfall" of the Cowboys

Although our attention is firmly fixed on the upcoming Super Bowl, we should not forget the devastation that has been wrought upon the followers of teams who were knocked out along the way. This clip is for them.

Posted by: Sean McCormick on 23 Jan 2008

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by Kthulhu (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 12:07am

That was full of more win than Tom Brady's athletic supporter!

by The Original Sam (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 12:09am

Incredible. Absolutely amazing.

by Noble (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 1:26am


by Temo (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 1:30am

You guys are like days behind on this! But still funny.

by BROKER (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 1:33am

As a Cowboys fan, I personally found this hilarious!!! My friends would say this is "me", in mourning after their playoff loss, but that's not true. I only finished 3rd in my fantasy league this year. FUNNY STUFF!

by BillWallace (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 1:57am

Hitler would be just another bandwagon cowgirls fan.

by Alex (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 2:52am

Absolutely epic.

by James, London (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 8:04am

Hitler says " Eli Sucks!"


by Otis Taylor 89 (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 9:40am

"I bought a TO jersey last week - I was going to wear it during the Super Bowl".

Comedy Gold

by lagfish (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 11:03am

Awesome, made my morning.

by JMK (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 11:16am

I think it's an insult to Hitler to call him a Cowboys fan.

by JMK (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 11:20am

"Yeah and Kobe is better than Jordan!"


by Cosmos (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 11:24am

As a life long Boy's fan.....this is the funniest sh!t ever..

by Joe T. (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 11:43am

Next year Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson vacation in Hitler's Secret Bunker.

by Jerry Garcia (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 12:27pm

any correlation between hitler being a cowboys fan and having only 1 testicle?

by Joseph (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 1:05pm

Oh what might have been:
1. Girl who comes in the back could have had a Jessica Simpson face (presuming you could alter the video a la Beattie's cartoons)
2. Instead of the Hitler caption reading "At least I get to see the Patriots go 19-0 (or was it 18-0)," it could have said, "At least I get to see Brett Favre in the SB" while the man sweating in the corner says, "Uhh, sir, ... umm," trying to figure out how to tell him that Eli beat Favre too (or was the video made before that game?)

by Jimmy (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 1:24pm

That is seriously funny shit. When my brother told me it was taken from 'Downfall' I couldn't see any way in which it could possibly be funny, but I was very wrong.

by JMK (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 3:58pm

Just watched this again, whoever did this should win some sort of Nobel Prize

by TC (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 4:06pm

Various iterations of this have been floating around for about 8 months. The first one I saw concerned football of the association kind. Arsenal vs Tottenham.

by yogi (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 4:31pm

The funniest thing I've seen for a very long time.

by Tom D (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 4:37pm

Re 19:

yeah, I just saw a Blu-ray vs HD-DVD one.

by inkakola (not verified) :: Thu, 01/24/2008 - 7:44pm

it seems like hitler surrounds himself with a lot of giants fans

by Dev (not verified) :: Fri, 01/25/2008 - 3:50pm

That was so unrealistic. Hitler would have known that it is spelled "lose" and not "loose". And he would have said "played well" rather than "played good".

Still, it was fun.

Now you all have to read the Onion article: Jessica Simpson Completes Plan to Destroy the Cowboys Season.

by PhillyCWC (not verified) :: Fri, 01/25/2008 - 8:36pm

Wow. I haven't laughed this hard in a really long time. Thanks for sharing!

by thestar5 (not verified) :: Fri, 01/25/2008 - 8:37pm

Priceless. What about this one? (Link in my name) I'm still not quite over that loss yet but that was hilarious.

by The Broilermaster (not verified) :: Fri, 01/25/2008 - 11:01pm

I preferred the Onion's "Jessica Simpson Complete's Elaborate Plan to Destroy Cowboy's Season".

Link in name.

by Jerry Garcia (not verified) :: Mon, 01/28/2008 - 10:32am

I can't wait for the second version. when he goes into shock and screams out... "How could the stinkin' Giants beat the Patriots? !"