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24 Feb 2009

$27,000 To Watch Bears-Lions?

Of all the games to pay $27,000 to watch! Some Slingboxery led to a Bears fan being charged a large sum of cash.

Thanks to reader Andrew Apold for the link.

Posted by: Bill Barnwell on 24 Feb 2009

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by Sophandros (not verified) :: Tue, 02/24/2009 - 2:00pm

The 27K happened because he was watching a game that involved the Lions. Such a fine has been deemed reasonable in a court of law.

by An Onimous (not verified) :: Tue, 02/24/2009 - 2:41pm

From the title I assumed that, in an effort to avoid blackouts and increase viewership, the Bears and Lions would be willing to pay ME to watch the game. Which would certainly make more sense than having me pay THEM, regardless of the sum involved.

by Danish Denver-Fan :: Tue, 02/24/2009 - 5:46pm

He can send the fine to me. Slingboxes are Gods way of spreading NFL to Europe.

by Jimmy :: Wed, 02/25/2009 - 2:03pm

You need to get Gamepass HD.

The footage is pretty much as good as your computer screen. Also you can watch up to four games at once or as many as the number of monitors you are able to plug into the computer accessing the internet. Me and my mates had three games on at once from the comfort of my lounge - cheap beer, reasonably priced food, comfy seats, who needs a sports bar?

It isn't cheap ($240) but it is for the most part reliable (I missed one half of a game I wanted to watch all year).

by Marko :: Tue, 02/24/2009 - 6:18pm

That actually was an exciting game. That was the game where Kyle Orton got hurt and the Bears rallied from 10 points down to win the game with Rex Grossman at QB. Rex didn't play particularly well - the Bears won because the defense started playing better and the running game took over in the second half. But that almost certainly will end up being the last game in which Rex contributed to a Bears win while a member of the Bears. If he contributes to a Bears win in the future, it will be while playing for their opponent.

by Bright Blue Shorts :: Wed, 02/25/2009 - 3:48pm

Imagine how they'd have felt if the Bears had lost to that Lions team ...

by Theo :: Thu, 02/26/2009 - 10:12am