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23 Jul 2009

ANNOUNCEMENT: Printed Copy of Football Outsiders Almanac 2009 Available!

We're proud to announce that the printed copy of Football Outsiders Almanac 2009 is now on sale right here.

The book will be available online in two ways: in an eStore hosted by the publishers Createspace, and on Amazon.com. It's going to take a week or two for the book to show up on Amazon, but the Createspace version is on sale right now. If you're looking to help out our business, we do get a higher royalty from sales through our Createspace page than we will get from Amazon sales. If you do want to wait for the Amazon edition so that you can combine with another purchase to get "Super Saver Shipping," we simply ask that you go to Amazon through one of the links on our site so we get a small portion of the sale. That helps make up for the royalty difference.

Because the book ended up a bit longer than we expected, we had to raise the price slightly (to $21.95) in order to make selling the hard copy economically viable. That's still the same price as last year's book, and we hope nobody feels slighted. In addition, we can't get the technical aspects of the Createspace eStore to work with our eStore, so we can't offer any kind of package deals like we did with the PDF version of the book. If you bought the PDF and you want the physical book too, you have to pay full price. Sorry about that.

The good news is that the book looks great. We submitted the manuscript after a week full of corrections after the PDF was released, so it should be nearly error-free. It's smaller in width and height, so it's actually easier to carry around, and while it is longer than past editions, slightly thinner paper stock means it is slimmer than last year's book as well.

NOTE: If you buy the book on Createspace and ask for two-day shipping, it will quote you a date in mid-August. That is a bug on their site. Two-day shipping really is two-day shipping, and you will get the book in two or three days, so ignore the dates they list for arrival.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 23 Jul 2009