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01 Dec 2009

Brandon Pettigrew To IR

Lions' first-round pick Brandon Pettigrew has a torn ACL and will be placed on IR, ruling him out for the remainder of the season.

Posted by: Bill Barnwell on 01 Dec 2009

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by zlionsfan :: Tue, 12/01/2009 - 3:55pm

Kevin Smith better be careful. Apparently he's next. I have no idea who would be stalking the Lions' best players, but whoever it is is a cruel, cruel person.

Obviously he could skip the defense entirely.

by andrew :: Tue, 12/01/2009 - 4:12pm

I get this image of Silent Bob keeping a fearful watch around the training facility...

by Bobman :: Tue, 12/01/2009 - 4:53pm

I KNEW they should have picked a WR in the first round! What were they thinking!?!?

by Fontes of Wayne :: Tue, 12/01/2009 - 5:27pm

I was thinking the other day about how the lack of depth on bad teams leads to a vicious cycle - they don't have competent backups to rotate, so the starters play more than they would on other teams, which leads to greater exposure to injury, which leads to continued bad-ness and lack of depth.
Of course, the Lions had at least reasonable backups at TE, so this is kind of apropos of nothing.

by Raiderjoe :: Tue, 12/01/2009 - 7:21pm

Pettigrew good up and cominger at tighe end poisiton. Come back next season Lions win 4 games book it dano

by Venger :: Wed, 12/02/2009 - 8:38am

Which is why it isn't a bad idea for a team in a total rebuilding phase to jettison ALL of their good players for draft picks (save the QB). Even a 6th or 7th round pick can be used to establish depth, and they're easy to acquire. Draft picks are king for rebuilding.

by Antique Furniture (not verified) :: Wed, 12/02/2009 - 6:25pm

Perhaps this has something to do with Detroit being such a terrible team that they struggle to attract top level trainers/strength and conditioning coaches? With second tier talent in the support of the players, they might be more likely to get injured/not be in the best physical condition.