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09 Dec 2009

Clemens To Start Against Bucs

Because of his knee issues, Mark Sanchez will sit against the Bucs, with Kellen Clemens getting the start.

That actually makes him a borderline fantasy starter against the Bucs D. But you'd admittedly have to be really brave to pull the trigger.

Posted by: Bill Barnwell on 09 Dec 2009

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by Led :: Wed, 12/09/2009 - 3:56pm

If Clemens has more than 20 pass attempts on Sunday, that's a bad sign for the Jets.

by tally :: Wed, 12/09/2009 - 6:20pm

I'm more wondering how this will affect Thomas Jones's fantasy value. He'll get the rock more, but are the Bucs going to stack the box with nine men?

by MilkmanDanimal :: Wed, 12/09/2009 - 6:49pm


And it won't matter, because it's up to Ryan Sims and Chris Hovan to hold the center of the line. In the first Bucs-Panthers game of the year, the Panthers ran it up the gut twelve times in a row on their last drive. Positive yardage every time. Tampa's defensive line is utterly horrible.

by Raiderjoe :: Sat, 12/12/2009 - 7:41pm

If you fantasy football player, if have T Jones or S Greene on rooster start them tomorrow even if have no other startable RBs. Leave Danny Woodhead on bench
precited stats

Jones 23 carries 99 yards, 2 td
greene 19 carries, 104 yards, 1 td
woodhead 4 carrees, 26 yardds, 0 td

by Raiderjoe :: Sun, 12/13/2009 - 5:32pm

preicitons pretty good with Jones and woodhead

actual stats were
Jones 24 carries 99 yards, 2 td
greene 6 carroes, 41 yards, 0 Td
woodhead 4 carries, 17 yards, 0 TD