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06 Oct 2009

Hey There Trent Edwards

I always envision Bills fans singing softly and sadly to acoustic guitar, and now my vision has come true.

Posted by: Vincent Verhei on 06 Oct 2009

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by Keith (1) (not verified) :: Tue, 10/06/2009 - 1:35pm

The sad thing is, this was very true and very saddening. I always like the Bills as a my chic "turnaround" pick. This was great.

by brett wrangs (not verified) :: Tue, 10/06/2009 - 1:36pm

This song is from WGR 550 the sports station in Buffalo. They just came out with a Dick Jauron song too.


by Moridin :: Tue, 10/06/2009 - 2:04pm

Heh. This was definitely worth the listen. Good laugh. Poor Trent/Bills fans.

by Soulless Mercha... :: Tue, 10/06/2009 - 3:25pm

There's just so much wrong with that team right now, it's hard to know where to start.

Novelty songs about the QB may be that place.

by Karl Mal0wned (not verified) :: Tue, 10/06/2009 - 7:02pm

As the owner of the Bills franchise in FO's Online Madden league, I particularly enjoyed this melancholy masterpiece.

At first I was encouraged by the suggestion that the Bills can actually win games with Trent Edwards under center. Simply air out the deep ball - genius! Then I remembered Edwards's Deep Throw Accuracy rating is 60 (but with a Short Throw Accuracy of 95!) and contented myself with an upcoming season full of slants and screens :(

Is shooting for third place in the AFC East too hopeful?

by Vermont Refugee (not verified) :: Wed, 10/07/2009 - 3:22pm

Don't worry about the accuracy of his deep throws. If he periodically throws deep, the opposition will keep the safeties deep to try for an interception, and that will open up running room for Jackson and Lynch. Seriously, in the current Bills's game plan, a throw 10 yards down the field seems rare (has FO done the statistics? Are there Game Logs we can review?). At least the song is well produced (unlike the Bill's Offensive Game Plan).