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23 Jul 2010

Broncos Lock Up Elvis Dumervil

The Broncos have signed outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil to a contract extension. The deal is for six years and $61.5 million.

Aaron Wilson reports on Twitter that the deal involves $43 million in guaranteed money.

I suppose the Broncos have to retain somebody, but spending $43 million in guaranteed money on Dumervil seems excessive. It's certainly buying high on a guy who really struggles against the run and got a fair amount of his sacks against the opposition's weakest pass blocker.

Posted by: Bill Barnwell on 23 Jul 2010

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by Raiderjoe :: Fri, 07/23/2010 - 1:00am

Kansas Citry - Dumbville
Denver- Dumervil

by parttimemovieguy :: Fri, 07/23/2010 - 12:02pm


by Key19 :: Fri, 07/23/2010 - 6:20pm

Hahahahaha, I love it!

by El Miriodor :: Fri, 07/23/2010 - 1:18am

Hooray for Shinebox McDaniels! With the way he's stocking the cupboard with over the hill veterans, "plucky winners", and "guys who just know how to play football", not only is this team destined to fail relentlessly, but it's going to be so bereft of talent for many years after that the only comp I can possibly think of is the Butch Davis led Cleveland Browns. He's traded up for players that don't fit a position of need, and converted to a defensive scheme that does not fit the personnel. Not that helpful to have a good pass rusher if teams are never dropping back in the second half against your team.

by Shattenjager :: Fri, 07/23/2010 - 2:08am

I kept saying I didn't want them to re-sign him, and this is why. Paying big money for a pretty good but not dominant pass rusher who is a liability in coverage and against the run.

The best part is that people have been saying non-stop that Dumervil not having an extension is proof that McDaniels is incompetent, and now the extension will also be proof that he's incompetent. I'm glad I don't live in Colorado anymore or my head might explode.

by Nathan :: Fri, 07/23/2010 - 2:50am

eh i dunno about all the hate in this thread. yeah i guess 43 mil guaranteed is a little excessive but he's only 26 and from the 4-5 broncos games i watch a year dumervil's been the best playmaker on defense for several years now. i'm not even talking about last year, he's stood out for several years. champ is mortal now and who cares who he's rushing against, 17 sacks is 17 sacks. as a patriots fan i WISH we could plug a guy in that turned out 17 sacks. and no, tbc doesn't count.

also his name sounds like the name of a sword in lord of the rings.


by Jimmy :: Fri, 07/23/2010 - 8:39am

Didn't the Pats manage to get 10 sacks out of Tully Banta-Cain?

And yes it does sound a bit like a sword from Tolkein. Not sure how you would go about re-forging him though.

by The Ninjalectual :: Fri, 07/23/2010 - 3:43pm

Headline: "Broncos re-forge Dumervil's contract, fulfilling the ancient prophecy."

"Just look at that pumpkin."
-John Madden, looking at the moon.

by db :: Fri, 07/23/2010 - 9:42pm

French root for Dumervil - village by the sea. Kind of like Oakland.

by Independent George :: Sun, 07/25/2010 - 6:02pm

My first thought was of Tess of the Dumervils.

by someguy (not verified) :: Fri, 07/23/2010 - 5:35am

Elivs stays in the building.

by Karl Cuba :: Fri, 07/23/2010 - 10:18am

I just don't understand why the Broncos felt that they needed to guarantee $43 million out of $58 million in new money. It seems like a very, very high proportion to me. I suppose we'll have to wait and see how much of the 'guaranteed' money is actually guaranteed and how much is agent-speak.

by loneweasel (not verified) :: Fri, 07/23/2010 - 5:11pm

Look at the coach. Maybe he wouldn't sign otherwise.

Would you work for an overbearing foul-mouthed midget for a cent under 43million?

Cutler and Marshall both answered "no" to that question.

by El Miriodor :: Fri, 07/23/2010 - 9:15pm

Thank you. And double #$&%$ you Josh McDaniels for making Brandon freaking Marshall a sympathetic figure.

by Bowl Game Anomaly :: Fri, 07/23/2010 - 5:15pm

Probably has to do with the 30% rule.

by MJK :: Sun, 07/25/2010 - 8:30pm

Not really a Denver fan, but I'm not entirely sure what the Bronco's management/coaches have to do to NOT be attacked. Had they let Dumerville walk, he would have been yet another good young player McDaniels had let go. Had they haggled and tried to get his price down, and he got dissatisfied, then he would have been yet another player that McDaniels had alienated. But now they signed him for a pretty good chunk of change, and they're overpaying him. Huh?

I don't think the move is horrible. Even with a salary cap in place, deals shock us one year start looking pretty tame by the second or third year in. And there may not even be a cap next year. Furthermore, this may be structured to take advantage of the uncapped year in case there is a cap next year.

And by all accounts, Dumerville seems to be the best or at worst second best defensive player on the whole team, and is still pretty young. In fact, he's probably one of the top five players on the entire team, offense or defense, and plays a position that regularly commands huge, record setting deals. So he's a bit of a liability against the run? So is Dwight Freeny, yet Freeny still gets paid (and is worth it in most people's eyes).

by Shattenjager :: Mon, 07/26/2010 - 1:08am

I don't think it's possible for them not to be attacked.

For my part, the difference between Dumervil and Freeney is that Freeney is a much better pass rusher. The numbers bear that out for last year: Freeney had 13.5 sacks, 9 hits, and 34 hurries last year in 14 games while Dumervil had 17 sacks, 4 hits, and 20 hurries in 16 games. I also think "a bit of a liability against the run" is an understatement.

by Andrew Potter :: Mon, 07/26/2010 - 7:09am

I'm not entirely sure what the Bronco's management/coaches have to do to NOT be attacked.

Resign, would be my guess.

by Nathan :: Mon, 07/26/2010 - 11:22pm

At this point I'm actively rooting for McD's moves to pan out (yes, even Tebow, which would prove me totally wrong) just so I can enjoy watching irate Broncos fans eat crow for 5 years.