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07 Mar 2010

Jason Ferguson Suspended Eight Games

Free agent defensive tackle Jason Ferguson has been suspended for eight games by the NFL for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

The move will likely force Ferguson into retirement.

Posted by: Bill Barnwell on 07 Mar 2010

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by Temo :: Sun, 03/07/2010 - 4:48pm

It might be helpful to know that the article specifically says "for violating NFL policy on performance-enhancing substances."

This wasn't like a weed bust or something.

by C (not verified) :: Sun, 03/07/2010 - 9:51pm

Well he was admitted to smoking weed in 1997, and was busted for a "banned substance" in 1999 but denied it was roids, but it could have been some other banned substance... Maybe HGH, Andro, or something else. In all reality it was probably roids anyway or a lower illegal form of them.

I'd bet that this time it was roids, and I'd think that more NFL players are taking steroids than you'd think.

Jason Ferguson is now 35, and I doubt he'd generate much interest anyway.

by Guido Merkens :: Sun, 03/07/2010 - 5:13pm

Even though he's ancient, he still seems somewhat capable. If he wants, I'm sure some playoff-bound team would be glad to pick him up in week 9 to replace a guy headed to IR.

by Dean :: Sun, 03/07/2010 - 5:53pm

The Chargers have never shied away from guys with positive steroid tests.

by Big Johnson (not verified) :: Mon, 03/08/2010 - 4:38am

dean i think you mean the vikings

by dmb :: Mon, 03/08/2010 - 10:42am

No, he doesn't; the Starcaps folks were busted after the Vikings acquired them, not before.

by JasonK :: Sun, 03/07/2010 - 6:16pm

As I understand it, games missed while he's not signed with a team don't count towards the suspension. So a team signing him in Week 9 wouldn't be able to activate him until the playoffs.

by andrew :: Sun, 03/07/2010 - 6:59pm

We still don't have resolution for the starcaps issue, do we?

I remember that Roger Goodell stressed, in various interviews on the matter, that the players should have no argument because this was a clause they agreed to in the collective bargaining agreement.

Well, here we are with no CBA. So how exactly are drug suspensions handled?

by KyleW :: Sun, 03/07/2010 - 7:20pm

The CBA is still in force, it's just the last year has no salary cap. Hence why there are still rules for free agency and drug suspensions.

It's this time next year that the CBA expires.

by andrew :: Mon, 03/08/2010 - 9:03am

So if we have no agreement next year, there is no grounds to punish players for testing positive? Or even for testing them? (well I suppose they could just turn them over to the police...)

by dmb :: Mon, 03/08/2010 - 10:42am

If there is no agreement next year, then there won't be any games next year, so no, there wouldn't be any testing or suspensions.

by Bill Barnwell :: Sun, 03/07/2010 - 9:58pm

For Ferguson's suspension to begin, he has to be on a team's roster. So some team would have to sign him, carry him for eight weeks on their reserve-suspended list, and then they'd be able to use him.

Ryan Tucker was also suspended for eight games earlier this week, but he retired immediately.