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20 Dec 2010

Nate Allen Has Ruptured Patella

Eagles safety Nate Allen has a ruptured patella and is done for the year. Fellow rookie Kurt Coleman, a seventh-round pick, takes over.

Posted by: Bill Barnwell on 20 Dec 2010

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by Levente from Hungary :: Mon, 12/20/2010 - 3:25pm

Broken bone, if the ligaments are not damaged, then he will be fine by minicamp.

by electricmayhem :: Mon, 12/20/2010 - 3:25pm

Poor Quintin Mikell, he'll have a lot of babysitting to do back there in the secondary. At least Samuel is back.

by princeton73 (not verified) :: Mon, 12/20/2010 - 3:31pm

ruptured patellar tendon, not patella

by Harris :: Mon, 12/20/2010 - 3:56pm

Bunkley didn't go on IR. In fact, he played yesterday. I think he missed on game after they though he'd have to go on IR.

That said, if you took all the guys on IR from the Packers and Eagles defenses, you'd have a pretty solid squad.

Hail Hydra!

by MJK :: Mon, 12/20/2010 - 6:27pm

Now you have me wondering what you'd have if you made an All 2010 Injured Reserve Team. Drat, I was trying to be productive today... No time to do the research to fill it in myself. Here's what I can think of off the top of my head:


QB: Vince Young (Chad Pennington and Bruce Gradkowski as backups)
RB: Frank Gore (with Ryan Grant, Clinton Portis and Jerious Norwood as backups)
WR: Mark Clayton, Dez Bryant, and Steve Smith (Anthony Gonzalez and Roscoe Parrish as backups)
TE: Dallas Clark, Jermichael Finley
OL: Nick Kaczur, Stephen Neal ... and I don't know enough about other team's O-lines to think of others off the top of my head (can you tell I'm a Pats fan?)


Here's where I need help (I can't easily look on fantasy sites to find out which impact players are on IR), so most of these will be Patriots centric, and people can add their own.

D-Line: Ty Warren,
CB: Ellis Hobbs, Leigh Bodden

Still, it's shaping up to be a pretty good squad...

by chemical burn :: Mon, 12/20/2010 - 7:09pm

Well, you've got your FB in Leonard Weaver and your S in Nate Allen. I'd also say you'd be hard pressed to find a better C than Jamaal Jackson.

by electricmayhem :: Mon, 12/20/2010 - 7:13pm

LB: DeMeco Ryans
DE: Mario Williams

by chemical burn :: Mon, 12/20/2010 - 7:14pm

Man, this shaping up to be quite a team.

by T. Diddy :: Mon, 12/20/2010 - 7:57pm

Does Shawne Merriman make the team at LB?

A useful tool for this exercise: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/injuries/pup

EDIT: I think we can find a roster spot for T.O., too.

by The Ninjalectual :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 7:51pm

I'd take Elvis Dumervil over Merriman

by Southern Philly :: Mon, 12/20/2010 - 9:04pm

NT: Kris Jenkins
LN: Elvis Dumerville
CB: Dominique Foxworth

by John (not verified) :: Mon, 12/20/2010 - 10:53pm

Helllooo, Bob Sanders at safety seems like a no-brainer. Granted, IR is the only place he shines anymore...

by some guy (not verified) :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 10:22pm

He would be the MVP of the IR All-Pros. Every year a consistent performance.

by MilkmanDanimal :: Mon, 12/20/2010 - 11:53pm

Aqib Talib should be a starting CB on this team and, while young, Gerald McCoy at DT. Also, for OL, Davin Joseph and possibly Jeff Faine. If you're counting "got self suspended for the season for violating the substance abuse policy", Tanard Jackson is a fine, fine safety.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2010 Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Or what's left of them . . .

by justanothersteve :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 2:50am

Defense (Packers)
Starter worthy - LB Nick Barnett
Decent backups - DE Mike Neal, LB Brad Jones, S Morgan Burnett

There are others available, but probably wouldn't make what this squad will ultimately be.

by justanothersteve :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 2:57am

Add to the defense
DE Aaron Kampman - Jags
DT Tank Johnson - Bengals
LB Elvis Dumervil - Broncos
LB DeMeco Ryans - Texans
LB Mathias Kiwaunka - Giants
DB Cedric Griffon - Vikes
DB Pacman Jones - Bengals
DB Ellis Hobbs - Eagles
DB Melvin Bullitt - Colts (who needs Sanders, who'd probably get injured while injured)

by TimTheEnchanter (not verified) :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 10:36am

From the Ravens, someone already mentioned Foxworth at CB. But Jared Gaither could take one of the Tackle spots too.

I'm sure the Steelers would probably nominate Willie Colon and/or Max Starks at OT as well. The Jags lost Britten at tackle too.

Sepulveda could probably punt and Jason Hanson could kick.

Vandenbosh could play DE.

by chemical burn :: Mon, 12/20/2010 - 5:31pm

Great. Can't wait for more "Kurt Coleman full speed illegal hit... into another Eagle defender" plays.

by TomC :: Mon, 12/20/2010 - 7:02pm

That is eerie---when I saw the replay, I said "that looked like a Veterans Stadium injury," mainly because it reminded me of how Wendell Davis looked when he hurt himself at the Vet. I guess what I should have said was "it looks like he ruptured his patellar tendon," because that was W. Davis's injury. Could be a coincidence, or could be that guys rupturing their patellar tendon(s) on bad turf just looks different from every other injury.

by bengt (not verified) :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 8:57am

The Steelers contribute their two starting tackles, Max Starks and Willie Colon.

by electricmayhem :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 11:54am

Here is my stab a full IR roster. I guess we play the 3-4 as a base defense and carry 2 fullbacks for some reason. I would hate to play our IR team's defense. I guess in the same spirit of the all IR squad we need to select a coach from those that have been fired this year?

Offense (26)
T: Max Starks(LT), Mark Tauscher(RT)
G: Steve Hutchinson, Steven Neal
C: Jamal Jackson
C/G: Eugene Amano, Jeff Faine, G: Davin Joseph
T: Nick Kaczur, Jared Gaither

RB: Frank Gore, Ryan Grant, Kevin Faulk
FB: Leonard Weaver, Madison Hedgecock

TE: Dallas Clark, Jermichael Finley, Ben Utecht

WR: Dez Bryant, Terrell Owens, Lee Evans, Steve Smith, Dominik Hixon

QB: Vince Young, Bruce Gradkowski, Chad Pennington

DE: Mario Williams, Ty Warren
DT: Kris Jenkins
DL: Philip Daniels, Gerald McCoy, Tank Johnson, Chris Hovan

OLB: Elvis Dumervil, Shawne Merriman, Brady Poppinga, Aaron Kampman (moved to OLB?)
ILB: DeMeco Ryans, Hunter Hillenmeyer, Andra Davis, Brandon Chillar

CB: Aqib Talib, Jerraud Powers, Leigh Bodden, Adam Jones, Ellis Hobbs (KR)
S: Bob Sanders, Jim Leonhard, Nate Allen, LaRon Landry

K: Steven Gostkowski
P: Daniel Sepulvada
LS: Jason Kyle

I haven't seen a lot of these guys play so if I have someone starting who shouldn't, its not my fault :)

by tuluse :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 12:33pm

So who's ready for an 18 game season?

by electricmayhem :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 12:42pm

ESPNDallas reports Romo on IR so I'd make him the new starter at QB on the all IR team.

by jimbohead :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 1:29pm

Wade Phillips as DC, Josh McDaniels as OC. But who's HC?

by rdy4thefiesta :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 2:24pm

If you are trying to bring together a team like this with stars from a bunch of different teams, you need a HC with great personal skills. Obviously the answer is Brad Childress.

by Tom Gower :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 7:14pm

Add Romo, who gets to start, and drop Pennington. I'd add Tony Brown of the Titans at DT and drop probably Chris Hovan. With Brown, we can move Kampman back to DE where he's better and play 4-3. At LB, Ryans starts in the middle, Hunter Hillenmeyer starts at Sam (where he played for the Bears), and Thomas Davis plays Will. To make room for T.Davis, drop Andra Davis, who I think is probably washed up. I'd also probably add D'Qwell Jackson for Chillar at I/MLB. At LS, David Binn over Kyle. Pacman gets to return punts.

by tuluse :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 7:30pm

Kind of crazy that Hillenmeyer might be the 3rd best linebacker on IR. He's probably the 3rd best backup LB for the Bears.

I wonder if it's just an unusually healthy year for linebackers, or if LB is a position where players generally stay healthier.

by The Ninjalectual :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 7:55pm

Hillenmeyer's not the 3rd best--this list forgets about Elvis Dumervil

by tuluse :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 8:05pm

I consider Dumervil as more of an end, even so that makes him 4th best. Still high on the list.

by Tom Gower :: Tue, 12/21/2010 - 9:32pm

1. I think Hillenmeyer is probably underrated by Bears fans.
2. I put him in the lineup because he has experience starting at Sam in a 4-3.
3. Even still, Dumervil probably should start. I originally had him starting opposite Hillenmeyer until I remembered Davis was on IR, then started Davis for him just so I had 3 guys playing in positions they'd actually played, which is my normal issue with teams like this.

by BigDerf :: Wed, 12/22/2010 - 10:24pm

Not to take this further off topic but has anyone recommending Merriman for the all IR team seen him play in the last 3 years? Ever since he got off the roids he's been garbage.