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28 Apr 2011

NFL Teams To Open Doors on Friday

The National Football League has provided further instructions to their teams regarding acceptable operating procedures while the league awaits a ruling on their request for a stay from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Teams were informed that they are to open the doors to their facilities for player use at 8am ET on Friday morning. Players will be allowed to meet with coaches, playbooks can be distributed, and teams can begin to establish their off-season programs, including Organized Team Activity (OTA) sessions and mini-camps.

Rules regarding player transactions will be clarified on Friday.

Posted by: Brian McIntyre on 28 Apr 2011

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by loneweasel (not verified) :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 1:02pm

NFL LOLockout, big blunder, or biggest blunder in history?

Turns out Roger is afraid of jail like the rest of us.

by battlered90 (not verified) :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 1:44pm

Eh if things play out logically I assume the courts will uphold the end of the lockout and basically force the league and the players back to the negotiating table. Since a lockout is illegal I assume some rules will be established to extend the expired CBA until a new agreement can be reached. Big gun is out of the owners hand now so they lost leverage but in the end I think a reasonable deal could be reached. If the owners are willing to deal with a little egg on their face I feel like this will be nothing but a blip on the rise in popularity of the NFL.

League should probably be more concerned with medical effects of concussions than with how do we squeeze more out of the players so we can all have shiny new stadiums.

by dbt :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 6:22pm

"worst business decision ever", or "worst business decision ever possible"?

by are-tee :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 2:24pm

They should have at least lifted the ban on trading players who are currently under contract immediately - it would change the dynamics of the draft.

by JasonK :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 2:30pm

I'm guessing that they determined that the chances that a player can make out a preponderance-of-the-evidence case that he was measurably damaged by the lack of an opportunity to be traded on draft day was slim.

by ChicagoRaider :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 2:35pm

It looks like the NFL will clarify rules regarding trades on Friday, meaning that players can be traded in rounds after the first. How often are players traded in the first round anyway? Now, with the uncertainty about what restrictions teams will be under after dust settles, teams may be reluctant to take on any players with significant contracts.

by Travis :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 2:46pm

Last year, there was one non-drafted player traded during the first round on draft day - Tim Dobbins went from the Chargers to the Dolphins.

In 2009, three Jets (Kenyon Coleman, Brett Ratliff, and Abram Elam) went to the Browns as part of the package for the #5 overall pick. (Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton, and Jason Peters were all in trades involving first round picks in the month before the draft.)

In 2008, no player was traded for a first round pick on draft day, though Jared Allen was traded 3 days earlier.

In 2006 and 2007, no one was traded for a first round pick in the month before the draft.

by ChicagoRaider :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 3:25pm

Thanks for giving some examples. So it looks like maybe there would have been a player trade in the first round in a normal year.

by bingo762 :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 4:01pm

Sucks for the Eagles. Could have potentially got a first for Kolb. Now what? Settle for a second rounder?

by Marko :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 5:04pm

If they are willing to take the risk that the other team backs out of the deal before it can become official, they could make a deal with a team to draft a player in the first round for the Eagles, who would trade Kolb to that team in exchange for the player they drafted. This happens all the time in the NBA.

by GlennW :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 5:17pm

I was thinking the same thing, and even if the trade is only executed much later after a CBA is reached, I don't see any good reason why anyone would have a problem with it. Certainly not Kolb if he's guaranteed a starting job.

by Tom Gower :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 6:28pm

My understanding is that under the expired salary cap, teams received a rookie pool allocation amount based on the draft slot of picks they actually made. The only time I can think of offhand in the last decade when they trade hasn't been made before the pick was handed in was the Eli-Rivers deal, and I think that required some tricky negotiation to adjust the normal contract parameters into something that fit the Giants' rookie pool amount.

by Marko :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 7:17pm

I did think of the Eli-Rivers trade and thought about mentioning it in my earlier post but chose not to. Good point about the expired salary cap. Who knows how this would play out now, with so much uncertainty about the rules going forward.

by tuluse :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 5:18pm

Good chance they hold onto him. Nothing wrong with having a solid backup.

by justanothersteve :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 5:26pm

And there was much rejoicing!

by Michael LaRocca (not verified) :: Thu, 04/28/2011 - 6:58pm

And my Panthers can go back to stinking as usual