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23 Oct 2012

Emerging Talents: Patriots RB Shane Vereen

Bill Belichick praised Vereen for his performance against the Jets this weekend, and says more opportunities are coming for the young back. Read Matt Waldman's analysis of the runner at his Rookie Scouting Portfolio blog.

Posted by: Matt Waldman on 23 Oct 2012

10 comments, Last at 28 Oct 2012, 2:00pm by Nathan


by Nathan :: Tue, 10/23/2012 - 3:32pm

Ridley gives me priapism. He hits the hole so hard and has so much burst. He can also get to the edge. Haven't really seen much out of Vereen at the NFL level that has me that excited. He looks fine.

by Anonmouse (not verified) :: Tue, 10/23/2012 - 3:56pm

Had to look up priapism. Thanks. Very useful word.

by RickD :: Tue, 10/23/2012 - 5:15pm

So I had to look up the word.


Well, it's got one thing going for it. I doubt many language censors are looking for it!

by Nathan :: Tue, 10/23/2012 - 5:25pm

All those boner pill ads during football and nobody else learned "priapism" besides me? I'm genuinely shocked.

by Revenge of the NURBS (not verified) :: Thu, 10/25/2012 - 11:21am

I did NOT have to look it up, and got a good chuckle from the double entendres in the sentence that came after it.

by Anonmouse (not verified) :: Tue, 10/23/2012 - 3:54pm

I'm hoping Vareen will turn into the scat back next year so we can get rid of Woodhead.
I understand that they have to run Woodhead to keep balanced while he is on the field but I just think he will get killed out there some day. It is fine if there are holes that you can drive a truck through but if there is any traffic at all, I find myself praying for him every time (and expecting a KO followed by a fumble).
I felt that way about Welker in Seattle too. Nice to see the passes distributed a little better. Now if they can just teach Lloyd to catch and Hernandez to hang on to the ball.....

by Sciz (not verified) :: Tue, 10/23/2012 - 10:45pm

I agree completely, although "so we can get rid of" is a little misleading since he's a free agent this offseason. I just hope Vereen shows enough the rest of this season that they don't feel inclined to bring Woodhead back. It was pretty unanimous in training camp that Vereen was the best receiver of all the RBs, and he's got better size than Woodhead for pass blocking. It all comes down to the mental side of the game, where he is clearly gaining more favor with the coaches.

by dryheat :: Wed, 10/24/2012 - 8:14am

And ability to stay healthy.

by Karl Cuba :: Wed, 10/24/2012 - 2:52pm

He runs quite upright, which will aid his ability to move laterally. The trade off is that he is likely to be prone to rib injuries and fumbles as it is harder to protect himself and the ball, as well as making it harder to gain yards after contact. He has nice, quick feet though, perhaps Lesean McCoy is a good comparison.

by Nathan :: Sun, 10/28/2012 - 2:00pm

Ok that run was beautiful, I'll give him that.