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25 Nov 2006, 11:47am by Aaron Schatz

Bills-Jaguars to be Blacked Out

This is interesting for two reasons. First, this is the first NFL game all season to be blacked out in the home market due to lack of ticket sales. Second, both of the guys who were supposed to chart this game for us live in Buffalo and can't actually see the game. If anyone out there either lives in Jacksonville or has Sunday Ticket and isn't busy watching another game at the time, can you please email charting-at-footballoutsiders.com? Shawn Krest, who charts games for us and for a Buffalo sports blog as well, is willing to reimburse for the copy of the tape or DVD.

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24 Nov 2006, 07:24pm by Bill Barnwell

Brown Out Indefinitely

Ronnie Brown will be missing for an indeterminate period of time after having surgery on his left hand.

For those of you who read the headline and had your heart stop for a moment as you pondered the deleterious effects of Ralph Brown's injury on your IDP league, I apologize.

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24 Nov 2006, 04:10pm by Aaron Schatz

Alex Smith similarity scores

What can San Francisco fans expect from the rest of Alex Smith's career? Aaron Schatz uses similarity scores to try to find out. (Click link to read more.)

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24 Nov 2006, 03:10pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN's All Under-the-Radar Team

Can we do an Extra Point on something that isn't linkable? Len Pasquarelli has put together a great all-star team of lesser-known players over at ESPN.com. The rules are simple: players must be in their third year or later, they cannot be first-round picks, and you cannot include anyone who has been to the Pro Bowl as a positional player. This is the sort of thing that should spur awesome FO reader debate -- except it's a flash doo-hickey and I have no idea how to link it. So, sorry ESPN, we're going to discuss your team without actually sending you traffic.

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24 Nov 2006, 11:50am by P. Ryan Wilson

Vick Stunned by 'Coach Killer' Remarks

What do you think the Mora's talked about at Thanskgiving dinner? "I'm thankful for my health, my beautiful family, and my dad's ridiculous remarks on his radio show making my job infinitely more difficult. Okay, let's eat!"

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24 Nov 2006, 10:04am by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: No, establishing the run still doesn't matter

When does establishing the run matter? Apparently never. (Click link to read more.)

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24 Nov 2006, 12:45am by Aaron Schatz

And Now, A Brief Comment Regarding That Other Network

What could the other network be? (Click link to read more.)

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22 Nov 2006, 03:51pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Report: Green Gone After Season, Cards Pursuing Mariucci

I can understand why Denny Green would lose his job, but shouldn't the Cardinals set their sights a little higher than Steve Marriuci?

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22 Nov 2006, 11:11am by P. Ryan Wilson

UPDATE: Jay Cutler to Start Week 13

Am I the only person who thinks benching Jake Plummer for rookie Jay Cutler is a bit premature? Since, you know, the Broncos have a really good chance to make the playoffs.

(UPDATE: 9pm Wednesday night, this now points to an NFL.com article where Adam Schefter reports that the Broncos will start Plummer this week, but will replace him with Cutler beginning with the Sunday night game against the Seahawks on December 3.)

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22 Nov 2006, 11:09am by Mike Tanier

A Thanksgiving Football Prayer

Happy Thanksgiving! And what could you be more thankful for than high school football?

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