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19 Oct 2006, 01:20pm by Aaron Schatz

Mario Williams, defensive back

Aaron Schatz takes a look at Houston’s terrible offensive line, along with their strange propensity to drop Mario Williams into coverage. (Click link to read.)

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19 Oct 2006, 10:18am by P. Ryan Wilson

Two TEs, Shotgun Help Slow the Blitz

More defenses are blitzing this season and offenses are using more two-tight-end sets and shotgun formations in response. This USA Today article gives several reasons for defenses stepping up the pressure in 2006: poor early play and chemistry issues along the offensive line, and nearly half the league's teams have new offensive coordinators. Ron Jaworski is also quoted and, as usual, offers some good insights.

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19 Oct 2006, 09:57am by P. Ryan Wilson

Saints Win, and Theories Are Flying

While I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the Saints this season, I've wondered -- more than once -- exactly how this team made such a turnaround. Obviously, adding Drew Brees and Reggie Bush help, and the emergence of rookie wide receiver Marques Colston was a nice little surprise, but teams often struggle with a new coaching staff. Especially following a three-win season that includes a hurricane demolishing the city. Whatever the reason, it's a great early-season story ...

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18 Oct 2006, 01:29pm by Mike Tanier

Who will unearth Fassel?

Come on down. Place your bets on where Jim Fassel will be working next year. (Click link to read more.)

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18 Oct 2006, 01:26pm by Aaron Schatz

The All-Time 11

Credit where credit is due ... this article from Cold Hard Football Facts is really cool. The staff decided to try to pick an all-time NFL team, but with a catch. They could only pick 11 players, who had to play offense and defense. The resulting article is far more historical than what you'll usually find over there, although they toss a couple of interesting recent players in there as well. Good grist for the debate mill here, and you'll learn something about the old NFL.

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18 Oct 2006, 01:25pm by Aaron Schatz

All Rex Grossman does is win

Just how bad was Rex Grossman’s performance Monday night? Did someone say “worst game ever?” (Click link to read more.)

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18 Oct 2006, 10:52am by Aaron Schatz

Tiki Barber Making Retirement Plans

Earlier this week in Quick Reads, I wrote about how Tiki Barber has staved off father time, with more value than any other running back in the league this year despite being 31 years old. Well, Tiki Barber himself seems to understand how this age thing works, and he's now saying this is probably his final season.

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17 Oct 2006, 10:19pm by Doug Farrar

Rogers, Lehr Get Four-Game Steroid Suspensions

On the same day that the NFL handed down Koren Robinson’s one-year substance abuse suspension, Detroit defensive tackle Shaun Rogers and Atlanta guard Matt Lehr were both hit with four-game suspensions for violations of the league's policy on anabolic steroids and related substances.

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17 Oct 2006, 09:25pm by Aaron Schatz

Edgerrin James and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

There are plenty of people who can be blamed for the Cardinals incredible collapse against the Bears. Aaron Schatz explains why Edgerrin James should not be left off the hook. (Click link to read.)

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17 Oct 2006, 06:31pm by Michael David Smith

Colts Get Booger McFarland for No. 2

Now here's an example of a trade that helps both teams. The Colts have Super Bowl aspirations but a porous run defense. The Bucs have rebuilding mode written all over them. So the Colts send a draft pick to the Bucs in exchange for defensive tackle Anthony McFarland. I think McFarland will step in and make an immediate impact, and the Colts run essentially the same defense that the Bucs run, so there won't be a steep learning curve. I like this trade for both teams a lot.

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