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08 Mar 2006, 06:38pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Trade Me or Cut Me, Culpepper Says

The AP is reporting that Daunte Culpepper wants out: "If a trade does not happen then I am asking the Vikings to terminate my contract as soon as possible ... �

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08 Mar 2006, 11:10am by P. Ryan Wilson

Young May Not be Smart Enough to Play in NFL

This story offers some insight into how seriously NFL teams weigh Wonderlic scores when creating their draft boards ... and things don't look good for Vince Young. The most damning comment came from Texans GM Charley Casserly: "If Vince Young can't tell us how many 29-cent loaves of bread can be purchased with the $3.49 in his pocket, how can we expect him to understand the two-minute drill—let alone his own quarterback rating?" Good question.

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07 Mar 2006, 07:11pm by Aaron Schatz

Football Commentary: A Model for Coaches' Challenges

William Krasker is back with an analysis of replay challenges. Just how valuable are your two challenges, given that you don't know if and when you are going to need to use them? The answer, according to Krasker, is that the value of a challenge is very small, because a play that actually has a chance to be overturned occurs much less often than people might expect. So if you believe you have a good chance of getting a play overturned, use the challenge -- particularly if you still have two challenges to use -- rather than hold your challenges for opportunities that may never come.

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07 Mar 2006, 02:56pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Joey Back to School with Mr. Martz

I'm really curious about this, do Lions fans consider this good news or are they ready to forget the whole thing and usher in the Drew Brees era? If anybody can resurrect a quarterback's career, it's Mike Martz, right Mrs. Warner?

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07 Mar 2006, 12:40pm by P. Ryan Wilson

NFL Can't Handle the Draft Truth

Wait, you mean that NFL teams aren't being totally forthright when they talk up one prospect while dismissing another? The Tennessean takes a look.

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06 Mar 2006, 07:14pm by Aaron Schatz

Introducing Armchair GM

Wanted to pass this along from Dan Lewis, who some of you may remember wrote an essay in last year's PFP. Dan and his friends have started a new site called ArmchairGM.com, which they call "the world's first world-writable sports blog and encyclopedia." It's basically a public sports news and commentary site based around the Wikipedia engine. Anyone can write an opinion article, report sports news, or contribute to what they hope
will be the Internet's most thorough sports encyclopedia, with no registration required. Head on over and check it out.

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06 Mar 2006, 06:33pm by P. Ryan Wilson

MMQB: Deadline Delirium

Guess what Peter King discusses this week? That's right, it looks like Adam Vinatieri's run with the Patriots is over. He also mentions something about a labor dispute too.

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06 Mar 2006, 09:22am by P. Ryan Wilson

Redskins, Arrington Agree to Part Ways

Instead of renegotiating his current deal -- one that required the Redskins to pay him a $6.5 million roster bonus -- Lavar Arrington "essentially agreed to give money back -- and forfeit the upcoming roster bonus -- so that the Redskins could get some needed cap relief while allowing him to find another team through free agency."

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06 Mar 2006, 01:01am by Aaron Schatz

Alexander, Green Stay Put

From Jay Glazer: "FOXSports.com has learned that the Seattle Seahawks have agreed to terms with Pro-Bowl running back Shaun Alexander on a whopping eight-year, $62 million deal that includes a total of more than $15 million in the first year in bonuses (signing and roster) and salary." FO has always believed that running backs were fairly replaceable. More and more teams seem to agree with that statement, leading to a glut of running backs on the market. That may have started to tip the scales the other way, so that the best running backs are actually undervalued.

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05 Mar 2006, 08:00pm by P. Ryan Wilson

NFL Hires Godot as New CBA Negotiator

From Jay Glazer: "Teams had been under the pretense that if they were going to release players to get under the $94.5 million salary cap it had to be done by 6 p.m [Sunday night] ... The league, however, has notified teams that this deadline has now been pushed back to 10 p.m."

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