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11 Aug 2017, 12:19pm by Aaron Schatz

Ezekiel Elliott Suspended Six Games

I'm not even sure where to start with this. I'm all for punishing domestic violence, but players with much stronger evidence against them (i.e. Josh Brown) got much shorter suspensions. Also, we're talking about an incident from before Elliott's rookie year. How on earth did the NFL investigation drag on for over a year? Why is this suspension being announced now? Of course, Elliott can now appeal...

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10 Aug 2017, 12:10pm by Aaron Schatz

FOA 2017 MEDIA: Late Night with Seth Meyers

A reminder for those of you who have not seen the announcement on Twitter or Facebook: I'll be appearing tonight (tomorrow morning?) on Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss Football Outsiders Almanac 2017 and the upcoming NFL season. Seth's an FO reader and a diehard Steelers fan. UPDATE: You can now click here for a video of part of my appearance.

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08 Aug 2017, 02:33pm by Aaron Schatz

FOA 2017 MEDIA: Houston

Rivers McCown and Stephanie Stradley have a long conversation about Football Outsiders Almanac 2017 and our unhappy projection for the Houston Texans. How can special teams be this bad for this long?

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06 Aug 2017, 02:44pm by Tom Gower

Dolphins Sign Jay Cutler

The Miami Dolphins have agreed to a deal with quarterback Jay Cutler. Per Adam Schefter, it's a one-year deal for $10 million, plus incentives.

The former Commodores, Broncos, and Bears signal-caller had been headed to the broadcast booth, but the Fins lured him into a reunion with Adam Gase, one of his offensive coordinators, in Chicago after Ryan Tannehill's non-contact knee injury. As yet, no announcement has been made about Tannehill's status for this season or which course of recovery he will choose.

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04 Aug 2017, 04:08pm by Vincent Verhei

Steelers Extend Mike Tomlin

The Pittsburgh Steelers have announced a two-year contract extension for head coach Mike Tomlin that will last through the 2020 season. Financial terms were not disclosed.

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04 Aug 2017, 03:14pm by Aaron Schatz

Andy Benoit Seeks Research Volunteer

Our old friend Andy Benoit is looking for a new research volunteer. Click link for details!

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01 Aug 2017, 05:05pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: FO Seeks Film Room Writer(s)

Football Outsiders seeks a new writer (or two) for our Film Room scouting column. (Click to read more.)

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26 Jul 2017, 05:24pm by Aaron Schatz

NFL Coaches Skeptical of Chip-Generated Data

Now that we've got the book out of the way, we can get back to linking and discussing really good football articles we find around the Interwebs. And this is a good one: Kevin Seifert discusses how coaches feel about the in-game movement data provided by chips in player shoulder pads. They are surprisingly unexcited by it. But I think I know why, and it's not simply because they're old-school and anti-analytics. (Click to read more.)

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24 Jul 2017, 07:14pm by Aaron Schatz


The PDF version of Football Outsiders Almanac 2017 is now ready for download! (Click to read more.)

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17 Jul 2017, 12:55pm by Tom Gower

Panthers Fire GM Dave Gettleman

The Carolina Panthers today announced general manager Dave Gettleman had been relieved of his duties. Owner Jerry Richardson statement, courtesy of the team, offered no real explanation for the move, but did not the timing was not ideal. Like Kansas City last month, Carolina also lost their most obvious internal GM candidate to another team earlier this offseason, as Brandon Beane is now in Buffalo.

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