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07 Feb 2007, 12:48pm by Aaron Schatz

Books Disagree on Super Bowl Prop

OK, here's a fun one. When Hunter Smith botched the hold on the first Colts XP try in Super Bowl XLI, did this count as a failed extra point? Technically, a botched extra point snap is listed in the statistics as a failed two-point attempt because no actual kick takes place. It turns out this has major implications for any sports book which offered a prop bet such as "will there be a missed extra point" and "will there be a two-point attempt."

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07 Feb 2007, 11:57am by P. Ryan Wilson

When the Word Isn't Quite Final

Maybe I'm naïve. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that, despite a quick first step and the ability to make people miss, I was never recruited to play football. Either way, here's a glimpse into the world of big-time college recruiting. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by some of the stuff that goes on (I'm looking at you Mr. Vaas), but I am. (Free registration/bugmenot required.)

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07 Feb 2007, 01:39am by Aaron Schatz

Michael Turner Similarity Scores

What does Michael Turner's future hold? Aaron Schatz uses similarity scores to try to find out.

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07 Feb 2007, 12:22am by Bill Barnwell

ESPN Ombudsman: SB Coverage "Smart, Creative"

I think you misspelled redundant and repetitive, Mr. Solomon.

"...ESPN's coverage of the race issue was generally all-encompassing, smart and creative."

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06 Feb 2007, 08:52pm by Michael David Smith

Thoughts on Vince Young's Future

The folks at Burnt Orange Nation asked me to explain my thoughts about Vince Young, why I think he'll be an elite NFL quarterback five years from now and why I don't think he's like Michael Vick. A brief Q&A ensued.

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06 Feb 2007, 03:27pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: The Tipping Point

This week Gregg Easterbrook writes that if you think football is important now, you haven't seen anything yet. TMQ also reminds us that "although the entire big-deal sports world evinced amazement that Indianapolis won the Super Bowl by using the running game," he told us as much in last week's column: "Indianapolis will feature the run against a Bears defense that has spent two weeks practicing for bombs away."

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05 Feb 2007, 03:12pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Huizenga Vows to Take Stand on Rookie Holdouts

Miami Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga will not tolerate holdouts this spring: ''I'm telling you -- mark my words -- if that guy is not in camp on the first day, he will sit out for the year." Sounds good in theory, but what happens when a player's agent calls his bluff? (Free registration/bugmenot required)

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05 Feb 2007, 12:35pm by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Peyton's Day

In which Mr. King discusses Manning's preparation for the big game, the Hall of Fame voting, how Ted Johnson will apparently affect New England's future free-agent acquisitions, what Tom Brady and O.J. have in common, Billy Joel's apparent performance superiority over Prince (?), and more.

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03 Feb 2007, 04:52pm by Michael David Smith

Irvin In, Monk Out of Hall of Fame

The newest members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame are: Gene Hickerson, Michael Irvin, Bruce Matthews, Charlie Sanders, Thurman Thomas and Roger Wehrli.

Art Monk was snubbed again, and I thought this was his best chance. I don't think he's going to make it.

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03 Feb 2007, 01:19am by Bill Barnwell

Vick: Now, With Audibles

New Falcons coach Bobby Petrino is going to allow Michael Vick to -- gasp -- call audibles at the line (hey!) if plays look doomed next season. No word on whether he will stop Vick from employing the offense solely to earn Madden Challenge Points.

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