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Palmer Sounds Off

After reading this you get the impression Carson Palmer will be better, stronger and faster than he was before. And if you didn't pick up on it, he hates the Steelers.

28 comments, Last at 25 May 2006, 10:50pm by RS

Take the Kirwan Quiz: No. 1

Okay, it's test time. Pat Kirwan put together this little 20-question True/False quiz and he implores you not to peek. ("... if you cheat when you play golf by yourself, you are probably going to cheat and look at the answer key, so don't do it!") Well, I didn't and I got 11 correct. Next time, I'm cheating.

28 comments, Last at 24 May 2006, 11:19am by PackMan

This Is Where Offense Is Headed

Pat Kirwan on the rise of the two-TE set, and the advantage it gives to the offense. The Cowboys' selection of Anthony Fasano and the Patriots' selection of David Thomas are both examples of how many teams now want to have not one but two or even three starting-quality tight ends. From PFP 2006, the teams that ran two-TE sets most often in 2005:

WAS 47%
TB 46%
KC 39%
GB 37%
TEN 35%
PIT 32%
DEN 32%
ATL 31%
HOU 31%
NE 31%

The lowest? Cincinnati and the New York Giants.

48 comments, Last at 25 May 2006, 5:32pm by Ilanin

MMQB: Seeking Closure

What better way to wile away the hours until training camp than to relive all the questionable calls from Super Bowl XL.

52 comments, Last at 26 May 2006, 6:47pm by Sid

Reid Says Eagles Will Run More

I'm not sure how the Eagles plan on pulling this off with very little depth at running back after Brian Westbrook.

26 comments, Last at 23 May 2006, 9:26am by tom

Manning: Elder Statesman

Peyton Manning says he only has two more terms in him. And then I'm guessing he'll run for office.

30 comments, Last at 23 May 2006, 5:17pm by Sophandros

Different Options in Tennessee

Yeah, this is probably a bad idea:

"Since the NFL draft wrapped up, the Titans have begun studying various option formations, with the intent of making some a limited part of their playbook this season for their first-round pick, Vince Young."

46 comments, Last at 23 May 2006, 3:14am by masocc

Falcons Release K Marler

Well it took two weeks, but the Falcons finally got around to reading Football Outsiders. That, or they realized all by themselves that Seth Marler wasn't very good. Whatever the case, Altanta has three young kickers on the roster with no NFL experience: Zac Derr, Ryan Rossner and Tony Yelk. Yeah, I never heard of them either.

41 comments, Last at 22 May 2006, 10:26am by Sophandros

Palmer Showing Signs of Quick Recovery

Carson Palmer's return for the start of the season is good for several reasons. It obviously improves the Bengals' offense and it also means that Chad Johnson won't have to slap a headlock on either Doug Johnson or Anthony Wright for, shall we say, not being very good.

24 comments, Last at 22 May 2006, 9:50pm by Ilanin

Law’s Asking, but No One's Answering

Does anybody think Ty Law's worth 10 million bucks (well, anybody not named Law or Poston)?

61 comments, Last at 24 Jul 2006, 5:52pm by JRM