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Raiders' Porter Says He Wants To Be Traded

After a few relaxing days at Tom Walsh's B&B, Art Shell and Jerry Porter would definitely be able to work this out.

22 comments, Last at 28 Jul 2006, 3:04pm by Mark

New Pro Football League to Start up on College Campuses

You know, this idea isn't half-bad. Instead of your run-of-the-mill professional sports league business plan, a group headed by former NCAA President Cedric Dempsey, "... will unveil plans ... for a new spring minor league with a twist — the eight teams will use colleges as their bases, and feature players from those schools and their affiliated conferences and surrounding regions." Players will earn roughly $100,000 a year, but they have to have graduated from college and exhausted all of their eligibility. So basically, it'll be just like big-time college football, but legal.

27 comments, Last at 27 Jul 2006, 6:12pm by Nick

King Kaufman: If I Were Commissioner

King Kaufman tells us what the NFL would look like if he became Paul Tagliabue's successor. He's got some great ideas, but when he says he wants to fix overtime and "We can talk about how we're going to do it, exactly," doesn't he know that Football Outsiders already has the ultimate solution?

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30 comments, Last at 27 Jul 2006, 12:47pm by The Other Vlad

Weighing the Risk vs. Reward

Pat Kirwan covers the 15 biggest risk/reward decisions facing NFL teams as camps open.

21 comments, Last at 26 Jul 2006, 11:30am by GlennW

The NFL Answers That You Need

DJ Gallo answers a bunch of pressing questions as we approach the start of NFL training camps.

59 comments, Last at 29 Jul 2006, 2:10pm by Oswlek

MMQB: Time to Dream

Peter King says this is the time for optimism for fans of all 32 teams.

61 comments, Last at 26 Jul 2006, 3:14pm by GlennW

Chiefs, CB Law Agree to Terms

Between Bengals arrests over the weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs signed cornerback Ty Law to a "five year" deal. What are the odds Law is looking for yet another team next offseason?

28 comments, Last at 25 Jul 2006, 1:27pm by GlennW

Will Reggie Run a Reverse?

Let's say Reggie Bush decides to hold out for the 2006 season. In a just world the Saints would be in a position to draft him next April too.

65 comments, Last at 28 Jul 2006, 7:49pm by JRM

Bengal Arrested

In other news, Dog Bites Man, Sun Rises in East, Pope Practices Catholicism.

15 comments, Last at 24 Jul 2006, 9:24pm by Powles

Browns Sign First-Rounder Wimbley

If we count Mario Williams, that's two down and 30 to go before camps open next week.

7 comments, Last at 27 Jul 2006, 1:50am by Travis