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01 Mar 2006, 01:27pm by Michael David Smith

Get Ready for Bloody Thursday

No one seems to know exactly what the consequences will be if the players and owners don't reach a deal within the next 24 hours or so. But it seems possible that a huge number of high-priced players, including some who still have plenty of good years in them, will be released by teams that were counting on a new deal giving them more elbow room. One name I'll throw out there is Brett Favre.

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28 Feb 2006, 07:35pm by Michael David Smith

Upshaw: Talks Have Broken Down

I still maintain that a new collective-bargaining agreement will be reached before 2007, but ESPN says Gene Upshaw is pessimistic.

"We're deadlocked. There's nowhere to go," Upshaw said. "There's no reason to continue meeting."

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28 Feb 2006, 07:27pm by Michael David Smith

NFL Could Change Fumble Replay Rule

At the scouting combine, Titans coach Jeff Fisher mentioned that he'd like the league to explore a change in the down-by-contact rule. He's not the only one thinking along those lines. Right now, if a play is ruled down by contact, it cannot be reviewed by instant replay, even if it's clear that the ball-carrier fumbled before he was down, and that a defensive player pounced on it immediately. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I hate it when a quick whistle negates what should be a great defensive play.

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28 Feb 2006, 01:31pm by P. Ryan Wilson

A Sneak Peek at the Wonderlic

OK, so maybe Vince Young didn't score a 6 on the Wonderlic, but he missed question 43. He redeemed himself by offering no comment on number 50, while Jay Cutler could be heard yelling "What?" several times after leaving the testing area. Interesting.

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27 Feb 2006, 12:15pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: On the Market

Peter King (who was the nicest person I met in Indianapolis) gives his thoughts about the upcoming free agent market, including which teams have the money and the inclination to make a big play for Edgerrin James.

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27 Feb 2006, 09:56am by P. Ryan Wilson

Texans Might Trade Top Pick

It's a short story, but still worth a mention: GM Charley Casserly said that the Houston Texans have been talking to other teams about trading the first pick in April's draft. Do you think David Carr would like to see D'Brickashaw Ferguson in a Texans uniform?

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24 Feb 2006, 10:04am by Aaron Schatz

Alexander Wants Monster Deal

You have to scroll down for this one, since ProFootballTalk.com doesn't have permalinks. I honestly have nothing to say about Alexander right now but I wanted to point out that Mike Florio used the phrase "running backs are regarded as fungible." Dammit, Mike, fungible is *our* word!

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23 Feb 2006, 09:20pm by Michael David Smith

Lions Franchise Jeff Backus

Is there anyone out there who thinks Jeff Backus is worth $7 million a year? I mean, anyone other than Matt Millen? If I were Backus I'd sign this in a heartbeat. Note: This article, and everything else I've seen about Backus today, refers to him as a right tackle. He's not. He's a left tackle.

Elsewhere, Steve Hutchinson, Backus's old Michigan teammate, got the transition tag from Seattle. Is a mediocre tackle really more valuable than one of the two or three best guards in football?

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23 Feb 2006, 03:56pm by P. Ryan Wilson

A Specialist Brings NFL Prospects Up to Speed

With the Combine upon us, it only seems fitting to mention this article in the New York Times. A lot of GMs won't admit to being swayed by a player's performance at the Combine, but it happens. And that's where guys like Tom Shaw comes in. Shaw, a former strength and conditioning assistant in the NFL, runs a two-month camp designed to, "refine prospects skills before the combine and, consequently, improve their standing in the April draft." (free registration/bugmenot required)

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23 Feb 2006, 10:23am by P. Ryan Wilson

Ravens Choose not to Tag J. Lewis

As it stands, the Ravens don't have a starting running back. They've made it clear they won't put the franchise tag on Jamal Lewis, and Chester Taylor is an unrestricted free agent. In past seasons, the running game took some of the pressure of QB Kyle Boller. Currently, the offensive line needs an overhaul, the defense is aging (or if you're Ray Lewis, aging and asking for a trade), and the running game is now a huge question mark. With eight head coaching jobs available this offseason, maybe Brian Billick would have been better off resigning and starting over somewhere else.

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