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03 Mar 2013

2nd Annual RSP Football Writers Project Draft

The 2013 Rookie Scouting Portfolio Writers Project will be under management from Footballguys co-owner Sigmund Bloom, who is running a 32-team start-up draft with fantasy football style serpentine order that includes a third-round reversal. Aaron Schatz, Ben Muth, and Matt Waldman are FO staff with teams. Live commentary on Twitter hash tag #RSPWP2

Posted by: Matt Waldman on 03 Mar 2013

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by Sifter :: Sun, 03/03/2013 - 6:02pm

Interesting that 21 picks in and the MVP of the NFL in 2013 has yet to be selected...yet 15 quaterbacks have been picked. I'm not campaigning for Peterson at all, just saying that this draft illustrates the obvious - that QB is the most important position. Schatz has taken Calvin Johnson BTW at #18, Ben Muth went for Cam Newton at #8.

by RickD :: Sun, 03/03/2013 - 7:57pm

It's the same kind of logic that drives fantasy drafts. I doubt that half of the people who took QBs before Adrian Peterson think that the QB they drafted would have been a better MVP candidate than he was. (Ryan Tannehill?) But once there's a run on a position, you have to join in or get stuck with one of the bottom 10 QBs.

But I still cannot fathom taking Tannehill first.

by Guido Merkens :: Sun, 03/03/2013 - 7:00pm

Are the writers drafting with the goal of producing the best team in the 2013 season, or are they drafting as if they were starting a franchise? I assume it's the former, because otherwise there would be no sense in drafting Peyton Manning 2nd overall.

by Matt Waldman :: Sun, 03/03/2013 - 10:25pm

It's to start a franchise. I think what you are going to see is a reflection of attitudes that to some degree, even teams have when it comes to building. Some will be less patient than others. There will be different priorities placed on each phase of the game as well as differing views of talent value.

I know plenty of people who believe Tannehill can be a good quarterback in the NFL. I'm one of them. All in all, these are exercises meant to keep people engaged and thinking about the NFL.

by Karl Cuba :: Mon, 03/04/2013 - 11:33am

If it's to start a franchise then my first pick would be Aaron Rodgers and the next three would be Luck, Wilson and Kaepernick (in no particular order) with RGIII coming in at number five because of his knee. I just cannot understand how anyone could take another approach.

by cisforcookie (not verified) :: Mon, 03/04/2013 - 5:41pm

Let's get in the wayback machine and learn about quarterbacks like Cam Newton, Jay Cutler, Matt Cassel, Derek Anderson, and Josh Freeman.

I want a larger sample size before I go bailing on known commodities for the next hot thing.

by Karl Cuba :: Mon, 03/04/2013 - 5:51pm

I just think that those four are the best young quarterbacks I've seen since Peyton Manning.

by andrew :: Wed, 03/06/2013 - 4:36am

two picks in and Aaron still doesn't have a quarterback. Then again at this point until people start looking for backups he's only competing against Field Yates in looking for a starting QB...

Half suspect he'll end up with Ryan Mallet...