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19 Mar 2013

2013 NFL Draft Compensation Picks Awarded

The Ravens and Falcons lead the way with four additional picks, while the Texans, Titans, and Chiefs each land an extra third-rounder from the compensatory formula.

Posted by: Rivers McCown on 19 Mar 2013

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by JimZipCode :: Tue, 03/19/2013 - 11:50am

That's interesting, that the Ravens have received the most compensatory picks since inception of the program. (They didn't even exist the first couple years!)
I knew Ozzie had made them an important part of how the Ravens do business, but it's interesting to see just how important.

by fb29 :: Tue, 03/19/2013 - 2:48pm

Falcons picked up one pick at the end of the 4th and three picks at the end of the 7th round. I get that 3rd and 4th rounders are good. But what are 7th rounders really worth?

In other words, should I be commending Dimitroff, or just shrugging my shoulders?

by Dean :: Tue, 03/19/2013 - 4:10pm

The 3 picks at the end of the 7th round are 3 guys who they would have tried to sign as UDFAs but instead own their rights. They're 3 players who, in all probability, will combine to give the team 2 seasons on the bottom of the roster where they see the field in limited situations. The upside, of course, is much greater than that, and the downside is a few tens of thousands in signing bonus that would be dead money if they don't even make it out of their first camp. The picks cannot be traded, so there isn't much in the way of creative scenarios.

by dryheat :: Tue, 03/19/2013 - 4:14pm

They're worth non-competing with 31 other teams in free agency. One quick example -- Matt Cassel probably would not have signed with New England as an undrafted free agent, as there's really no QB competition. Using a 7th round pick got him into camp and ultimately, on the roster.

As far as the appropriate amount of congratulation, probably none. I don't think that Dimitroff was counting on a comp pick in the 7th round when he was doing the pros/cons of signing or re-signing a free agent. Since there's a fixed number of comp picks per year, whether you get a 6th or 7th round comp pick depends on what other teams are doing in free agency.

by justanothersteve :: Thu, 03/21/2013 - 7:18am

It's also a good spot to throw the dice on someone who is otherwise a gamble. A surprising number of these picks have done well. I pulled these names in a quick perusal of 7th round picks after #32 in round 7; Ricky Jean-Francois, Ryan Succop, Jason Snelling, Ahmad Bradshaw, Marques Colston, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Scott Wells, and Rock Cartwright. (from drafthistory.com)

by Johnny Socko (not verified) :: Wed, 03/20/2013 - 4:05pm

And with this the Colts will draft Mr. Irrelevant for the 2nd year in a row. How's that for an irrelevant statistic?

by andrew :: Wed, 03/20/2013 - 6:45pm

Given the attention and prizes bestowed upon the last pick on the NFL as "Mr. Irrelevant", it is not really irrelevant anymore.

The second to last player goes almost as late without any of the fanfare. I propose a name for this person, perhaps "Mr. Trivial" or "Mr. Inconsequential".

"I was corrupt before I had power!" - Random

by justanothersteve :: Thu, 03/21/2013 - 7:11am

Mr Penultimate?

by Edward E. Patel (not verified) :: Mon, 03/25/2013 - 6:49am

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