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04 Oct 2013

Giants Trade for Jon Beason

For an undisclosed "late-round" pick in 2014, you, too, could own a linebacker that couldn't beat out Chase Blackburn. The Giants could definitely use the help at linebacker, but it's an open question how much of it Beason will be able to provide at this point.

Posted by: Rivers McCown on 04 Oct 2013

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by morganja :: Fri, 10/04/2013 - 5:56pm

He's well worth taking a chance on. He is a notoriously hard worker, disciplined about being in shape, and was once one of the best linebackers in the game, and only 28. If there is any way that he can physically return to form, he will. It sounds like a steal to me....

by A. Diggity :: Sat, 10/05/2013 - 2:06am

Eh, as long as they can find a way to hide him in coverage they will be fine. He's not ideal, but he can stay at Mike on short-to-medium yardage where he won't necessarily have to cover a ton of ground, he'll make a lot of tackles. Just do NOT ask him to cover flats and TE flares like Carolina did, or open his hips in any way to the sideline...he just doesn't have it in him any more after all the microfracture stuff, as much as it pains me to say that.

I dunno...based on what I'm hearing (could be a 7th), sounds like the Giants got a great deal.

by BigDerf :: Sat, 10/05/2013 - 4:31pm

I haven't seen Beason play much recently, but if this is actually his problem, this was a waste of time for the Giants. They already have a bunch of slow linebackers and have held up well against the run, their problem is their linebackers can't cover anyone, which limits their ability to play so many coverages and stop any offense with any sort of west coast principles.

Was hoping he could be helpful until he inevitably gets hurt again, but it looks like we won't even get that.

by CBPodge :: Mon, 10/07/2013 - 4:31am

Could be a good case of buying low though. If he gets some of his speed back over the next year or so, it will seem like a steal. Lets face it - a linebacker isn't going to make the difference between the Giants contending or not this year, but he could be a strong addition for next year if he returns to full health.

by William.Smith :: Wed, 10/09/2013 - 5:11am

New York Giants: Wakening Story!

American football is a great sport.
It combines the strategic dimension of chess, first-class athletic prowess and the basic human drive to be better than your opponent.

American football is also great entertainment.
From tailgating to cheerleading to the gigantic video screens, where Mom, Pop, son and daughter see replays of the receiver getting his feet inbounds on a crucial catch, on their Sunday pilgrimage to America's unofficial religion.

American football has great value.
To the players, the audience, the national culture, even more so to owners and their associates netting record profits year after year. But as Jacksonville fans will tell you willingly, customers want at least some return for their part of the 9bn total spending last season.
Not every match is like Broncos-Cowboys, where even Dallas fans could walk away from feeling like winners, having just witnessed one of the greatest games of the last years.

New York Giants fans might have a different take. After playing the Cowboys and Broncos at least acceptably if not good, the team received three consecutive spankings. The reasons have been analyzed by smarter minds than mine: Not enough depth, bad decisions, QB regression and overall underachievement.
I trust the same minds to come up with solutions for the first two problems. But right now, I am proposing the solution to the last one. It is not a problem at all. It is a probletunity.

Unlike Peyton, Eli won't make the Hall. But he will be remembered as one of the better QBs. Unfortunately, he is not much fun to watch right now and a box office drag. His two rings buy benefit of the doubt plus some wiggle room, a luxury lesser QBs like Josh Freeman or Christian Ponder are not afforded.
OK, enough with the set-up. Here's what the Giants need to do:

Yesterday, leak a report saying Eli spit blood after the seven-sack, ten QB-hit Carolina game. Afterward, call the man, claim they already left a message last week and make him an offer.

Today: Deny the report. Assure Eli it being the usual NYC media nonsense.

Tomorrow: Call the man before the game in Chicago. Invite him to a Chicago skybox with a secret entrance. Wow him. Wow him even more by having him call one of the plays, like Dustin Hoffman's character in "Wag the Dog". What currently unemployed in-his-prime NFL QB would not be intrigued to be handed the Giants' car keys?

The Giants now face four possibilities:

A: Eli gets his act together and helps his team win the game.
B: Eli stinks. Ryan Nassib or - gulp! - Curtis Painter have the sharps salivating.
C: Our man is not on board.
D: Our man is on board.

The Giants now would have to make a crucial decision:

Going on with Eli, even if they won a couple of games, would not change the plot. The Giants still face long odds for the playoffs, will have dozens of soul-sapping pieces each week from NYC media, plus stupid interviews and other team-turmoil.
A crap season would also tarnish Eli's record, affect sales this year and pricing for next. In short: The brand would suffer, as would it with Nassib, Painter or a washed-up oldie.

A key showbiz rule is: If you cannot be great, at least be spectacularly bad.
No one cares for Joey or Mr Sunshine, I mean: the 6-10 or 7-9 team.
Only America's team can rattle off consecutive 6-10, 8-8, 8-8 seasons and still have record profits.

The Giants need to change the plot from "the Giants suck" to, uh, anything else.
Here's where it gets good: The story of our man writes itself. It is an exceptional blocking scheme netting first down after first down.

Our man is a king without a kingdom, a former college superstar who had America lying at his feet after his breakout 2011 season, when he ripped the soon-to-be-glue gelding of the death track, turned him into an eminently watchable Bronco and rode him straight to a playoff victory.

Alas, he was denied another day by the ungrateful John Elway, who sold him to slavery, I mean: traded him to the Jets, where he was mistreated, insulted and hurt.
He strayed from the righteous path by accepting an invitation to the Pats, only be cast away into the desert again, haunted by demons like the CFL and NFL Liechtenstein.

The man still believes he can start as an NFL QB. He is either very stupid - and there is enough evidence against that - or he is convinced of his abilities and super-competitive, making him a strong candidate from a leadership position.

The man's arm was TNT and laser-focused with the Gators. How the heck is that not replicable at the NFL level? The man can run and he can lead. The blueprint for success is publicly available and its name is Colin Kaepernick.

Besides, he needs this gig more than [insert d-lister du jour] needs [blablabla]. His value is plummeting and very few markets are more what-have-done-for-me-lately than the NFL. You remember the Ravens fans' booing in week 1, right?
Our man needs to reclaim his crown, then the kingdom, then the world. It ain't happening in Jacksonville so it needs to happen elsewhere. Would the largest US market be OK, my liege?

Football fans need entertainment, Giants fans need hope, their franchise needs a spark and America needs a good story. Here's how you get started, once you decide to bring in the king. The same source that leaked the fake Eli story gets the exclusive on:

"Tim Tebow arrives at Giants HQ: 'I want to help. Let me help!'"

Decide how far you want to go. Make it the spectacle it deserves to be, an in-season "Hard Knocks". America loves to root for an underdog especially if he is a Christian and white. Weekly features of the man visiting children's hospitals "I will throw a TD for you!", promoting home-schooling "Who knows what's best for you children? You!" and picking up crack-heads from the street, protected by his O-line "Jesus loves you, my friend".

Presser the same afternoon: Eli is tested for concussion-like symptoms, questionable for the Minnesota game.
In the Giants film room: Nassib and Painter are shown videos of the Texans O-line lowering David Carr's IQ one point each game, kinda like every US President is shown an angle of the Kennedy assassination the public has never seen.

Bring in Jon Gruden as OC and Tony Dungy as advisor. Make them success-based offers. No wins, no money.
Tebow will have to sign a contract and get paid the veteran minimum under league rules, but it all goes to charity and he plays for free because "I owe it to the city of New York, because I failed you the first time around."

Congratulations, New York Giants! You have now changed the story!
Your team still sucks has room for improvement but now you have a little room to operate.

Eli takes the season off with a mystery illness. Show him his brother's 2012 stats, the ones from the season after he took one off.
Get Eli another SNL gig. Heavens to Betsy, the sketches write themselves: Concussion angle has him greet the audience as L.A. or Giants Stadium, joining a support group and making cameos in other sketches, e.g. he thinks he's Stefon in "Weekend Update" or Kenan in "What's up with that?" and in the end have him admit he just needs his job, his team, his city. Art can imitate life. Or was that the other way around?

No one can lose in this scenario:
Giants merchandise goes like hot cakes, the Giants' crappy start is drowned out by Tebow human interest stories; owners, brass, Coughlin and Gruden look like geniuses if they win and lose nothing if they don't. I hear there is a draft coming up.
Tebow grows his brand even if he fails as a QB. It is the biggest stage in the country. He will at least have a couple more endorsement deals, because if his agent has half a brain, he makes a couple mil on a panty hose deal alone.
Football success would be a long shot. But it has worked in a weak division before and this year's NFC East fits that profile.

And finally:
Would you not want to see Tim Tebow take over as the Giants QB for this season?