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23 May 2013

Help Out Eric Mangini's Football Camp for Kids

Some readers know that I've volunteered the last two summers at Eric Mangini's one-day Football Fundamentals camp in Hartford. You may remember my article last year about The Greatest 7-on-7 Team That Ever Was. Unfortunately, this year I'm not going to be able to make it because we're behind on Football Outsiders Almanac 2013 and I'm going into seven-days-a-week mode after Brown reunion weekend this Saturday. Since I can't help out myself, I wanted to see if perhaps some of our readers could help out by donating money to help pay the costs for some of the lower-income kids. Over 85 percent of the kids need help paying the registration costs. You can make a donation here on the camp's website. In addition, there are still some spots open, so if you live in New England or New York and have a son (or daughter) in junior high or high school who loves football, check out the camp website. Your son could be catching passes from Rex Ryan and then enjoying a goddamn snack.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 23 May 2013