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12 Aug 2013

Mandatory Monday: Preseason Points

Notes from all over the NFL, a discussion of read-option nomenclature, teasing Redskins fans for getting carried away about third string QBs (they are the wackiest fanbase in the NFL when it comes to this), and a link back to my Chip Kelly article from Saturday.

Posted by: Mike Tanier on 12 Aug 2013

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by Raiderjoe :: Mon, 08/12/2013 - 8:44am

Will wead later. Want to see thbs redksins fans 3rd string quarterback love fest.

by fyo :: Mon, 08/12/2013 - 9:01am

Not trying to be a grammar Nazi, but when it's in the article title...

by RickD :: Mon, 08/12/2013 - 10:02am

I think Pat White's only a 3rd string QB if you pretend RG3 doesn't exist. Unless you know something about Rex Grossman that we don't. Ooh - a 3rd string QB controversy!

by Kevin from Philly :: Mon, 08/12/2013 - 2:12pm

I think the whole Redskins adoration of the 3rd stringer goes back to when Sonny Jurgenson was the color guy for the local DC radio broadcasts (which we could sometimes get in Philly on odd rainy nights in August). Sonny always played up the third stringer because he hated the fact that he wasn't still the starter. Therefore anybody that WAS the starter was nowhere near good enough for SJ. Pretty funny stuff.

by Bowl Game Anomaly :: Tue, 08/13/2013 - 2:15pm

It's not just Sonny. Washington has a long history of QB controversies, whether it was back in the old days with Sonny vs Billy Kilmer, Kilmer vs Theismann, Doug Williams vs Jay Schroeder, Shuler vs Frerotte, Frerotte vs Trent Green, or more recently with Patrick Ramsey vs Mark Brunell and Brunell vs Jason Campbell. Washington has always loved its backups. It probably has something to do with our obsession with politics and always wanting to get rid of the incumbents.

by Dean :: Mon, 08/12/2013 - 1:16pm

Over the Cap had a great piece last week - specificaly in reaction to the Cousins hype - about the market value of young backup QBs...