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01 Feb 2013

Rivers McCown on 1560's "Afternoon Delight"

Much like Aaron, I got invited to talk about the Super Bowl and the local football team today. If you don't want to hear exasperated sighs at the idea of Kevin Walter being a No. 2 receiver next season, don't listen to this. If you do want to hear a haiku that sums up the current state of the Texans, then feel free to tune in.

Posted by: Rivers McCown on 01 Feb 2013

2 comments, Last at 01 Feb 2013, 1:45pm by Hurt Bones


by wr (not verified) :: Fri, 02/01/2013 - 12:26pm

"Afternoon Delight" conjures up very, very, bad memories
of mid 70s music...

by Hurt Bones :: Fri, 02/01/2013 - 1:45pm

Those two words which I refuse to type or speak. I used to think the crappy music of that era was some sort of divine punishment on Western Civilization. Luckily, I discovered the Sex Pistols a few years later and never looked back.