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04 Apr 2013

SITE NEWS: FO Seeks New Technical Director

Football Outsiders is seeking a new technical director to provide support and development for our site. This person is responsible for making sure the site is stable and accessible, addressing any problems encountered by the writing and editorial staff, and developing new capabilities and improvements for the site.

Most importantly, the new technical director will be responsible for either a) planning and programming our long-delayed back-end upgrade from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7 or b) interfacing with a separate firm which will be hired to complete this project. This upgrade has been delayed nearly two years because of issues with previous technical directors and must be completed by July 1.

Once the upgrade is finished, the job of technical director requires an approximately 10-15 hour a month commitment during the season to handle day-to-day issues. Commitment in the offseason is generally smaller.

Key qualifications include:

  • Substantial knowledge of the Drupal content management system, including custom module development.
  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge of the modern LAMP application stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP).
  • Experience supporting a medium-to-high-traffic dynamic web site.
  • General availability to provide day-to-day support on technical issues as they arise and to troubleshoot site issues that crop up from time to time, as well as time to perform specific tasks such as new feature implementation, or tackle larger, but less immediately pressing issues.
  • Availability relative to US Eastern Time (need not reside in Eastern Time, but should be available relative to normal ET active hours).
  • Evening and weekend availability.
  • Previous experience with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform a plus, although we may be considering other hosting alternatives.
  • Familiarity with FO terminology/jargon, site design, and general features a huge plus.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills, and a positive attitude.

This position does not require any on-site work as FO is primarily a "virtual" organization. However, being in a virtual organization requires that the person in this position be easily reachable via phone or electronic means (e-mail, IM, text message). If interested, please send your resume and a brief statement of your interest and experience to info-at-footballoutsiders.com.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 04 Apr 2013