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04 Sep 2013

SITE NEWS: Server Downtime/1990 DVOA Update

Two notes:

1) Football Outsiders will be offline tonight from midnight to 1am EDT in order to migrate to our in-season servers. This should solve today's slowness; not getting the migration done before today was a bit of a misstep. UPDATE: That didn't work either, so we'll need to have another outage, Friday morning from 3am to 4am EDT. We've scheduled it for later so everyone can still discuss the Ravens-Broncos game in our open thread after midnight on the East Coast.

2) I was unable to post the 1990 DVOA ratings yesterday as planned due to some family issues. Before I write the commentary for 1990, I need to take care of getting ready for the season, trying to get updated 2013 projections up, and calling our advertising network to yell holy hell at them about that horrible "DOWNLOAD HERE" ad since they won't respond to my e-mails. So 1990 ratings will run this weekend or next week. Thanks.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 04 Sep 2013