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14 Aug 2013

SITE NEWS: Support E-mail Issues (UPDATED)

Have you had trouble getting a response to an e-mail regarding a technical or refund issue with KUBIAK or FOA 2013? We just discovered that Gmail was nice enough to code all our support e-mails as "Spam," which explains why people have not heard back from us. We're going through them all now and trying to fix things. Our apologies.

UPDATE: Apparently, a number of complaints are about an inability to use credit cards while purchasing through Paypal. It turns out the issue here is that you need to fill out a form if you have not used Paypal before. It will have a section that says "Don't Have a Paypal Account?" If you fill the info in there and click continue, the credit card options will appear.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 14 Aug 2013