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25 Nov 2013

Week 12 Injury Aftermath

compiled by Andrew Potter

Broncos Running Back Knowshon Moreno -- Leg
Broncos Defensive Tackle Kevin Vickerson -- Hip
Broncos Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie -- Shoulder
Broncos Cornerback Omar Bolden -- Concussion

Sunday's Broncos workhorse Knowshon Moreno (37 carries, 224 yards, 1 touchdown) left the stadium with his right ankle immobilized in a walking boot and is due to have a MRI scan today on the injury. Moreno ranks 10th by DYAR and 12th by DVOA (6.7%) and his 37 carries on Sunday demonstrate his importance to the Broncos offense. Ronnie Hillman's rushing DVOA is only slightly lower (4.3%), but he and Montee Ball (-13.5%) have had much-publicized fumbling problems this year and both fumbled against the Patriots. On defense, the departure of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie at halftime with a shoulder injury coincided with a complete turnaround in the Broncos defense's fortunes; he and Vickerson are due to have scans on their injuries today. Backup cornerback Omar Bolden enters the league's concussion protocol.

Browns Quarterback Jason Campbell -- Concussion

After temporarily leaving earlier in the game with a leg injury, Campbell was lost for the day with concussion symptoms after a blow to the head from a blitzing William Gay. As noted last week, just over half of players who have left games with concussion symptoms this year have played the following week. Brandon Weeden, infamously, is the current Browns backup quarterback -- at roughly 35% worse than Campbell by DVOA, Weeden is as much of a downgrade from Campbell as Campbell would be from Drew Brees. Weeden is also the only other quarterback on either the roster or the practice squad, so the Browns will be looking for a quarterback this week even if only temporarily until Campbell is cleared.

Buccaneers Cornerback Darrelle Revis -- Groin

Darrelle Revis left Sunday's game with a groin injury. No update is yet available on its severity, or his status for Week 13.

Chargers Running Back Ryan Mathews -- Hamstring

Ryan Mathews aggravated an existing injury to his right hamstring during the third quarter on Sunday. Mathews (1.6%) and Danny Woodhead (1.7%) have been basically equally efficient in the running game so far, but the less effective Ronnie Brown (-9.4%) would see an expanded role if Mathews misses any time.

Chiefs Linebacker Tamba Hali -- Ankle
Chiefs Linebacker Justin Houston -- Elbow

Tamba Hali's injury has been confirmed as a mild inside ankle sprain, meaning he will probably be able to play through it -- though he is currently questionable for next week's crucial home game against Denver. The news on Justin Houston is less positive: reports indicate that his injury was an elbow subluxation -- a partial, transient dislocation in which the bone pops slightly out of joint but returns to its correct location unassisted -- which could mean he's back in a fortnight with a brace or could mean ligament damage and a longer-term injury. He will need to wait on a MR scanI to confirm; the injury was too swollen for the scan to be taken today. Frank Zombo and Dezman Moses are the backups for both, in a Chiefs defense which looked a shadow of its former self on Sunday without its star pass rushers.

Colts Wide Receiver LaVon Brazil -- Back
Colts Cornerback Vontae Davis -- Groin

Wide receiver LaVon Brazil left Sunday's game with a back contusion, while cornerback Vontae Davis left with a groin injury. The injury to Davis is reportedly the more severe of the two, with Davis himself concerned about its severity. Fellow starter Greg Toler has already missed four weeks with a similar injury, and missed time for Davis would be a serious problem for a Colts pass defense which has gone from solid (negative DVOA four of five weeks from Week 3 to Week 7) to terrible (55.5% DVOA or worse three weeks running) since the team's Week 8 bye.

Cowboys Cornerback Morris Claiborne -- Hamstring
Cowboys Cornerback Dwayne Harris -- Hamstring

Already struggling on defense entering Week 12, Dallas (7.0% DVOA, 23rd) lost cornerback Morris Claiborne and punt returner Dwayne Harris to hamstring injuries against the Giants. The short week (Dallas plays in its usual Thanksgiving slot on Thursday) means both are expected to miss the visit from Oakland; that Claiborne's was an aggravation of a previous injury makes it more likely that he will miss further time. As always, scan results will reveal more.

Dolphins Running Back Daniel Thomas -- Ankle (IR)

Daniel Thomas tore a ligament in his left ankle against the Panthers, and is set to have season-ending surgery on the injury. Thomas ends the season with 33 DYAR and a DVOA of 1.6%. Lamar Miller (22 DYAR, -3.1%) is expected to shoulder a greater load in the absence of Thomas.

Giants Center Jim Cordle -- Knee

An already struggling Giants offensive line (30th by Adjusted Line Yards, 24th by Adjusted Sack Rate) lost center Jim Cordle to a knee injury against Dallas. A MRI scan of Cordle's knee will be taken today. Left guard Kevin Boothe moved to center in Cordle's stead, with James Brewer coming in at left guard.

Jets Running Back Chris Ivory -- Ankle
Jets Cornerback Antonio Cromartie -- Hip

Antonio Cromartie left Sunday's game with a hip injury, which is reportedly a lingering issue from when he broke the hip in 2008. He has been dealing with persistent pain since September, and aggravated that against the Ravens. All indications are that pain tolerance and his ability to plant on that side will determine whether he misses any time. On offense, Chris Ivory reportedly sprained his left ankle on his first carry, but did not leave the game and finished with nine carries. He is not expected to miss time.

Packers Running Back Johnathan Franklin -- Concussion
Packers Defensive End C.J. Wilson -- Knee

Johnathan Franklin enters the league concussion protocol, while backup defensive end C.J. Wilson was carted off with a left knee injury of as-yet-unconfirmed severity.

Rams Running Back Zac Stacy -- Concussion
Rams Cornerback Cortland Finnegan -- Eye (IR)

Zac Stacy (6.5%, 78 DYAR) left Sunday's huge win with a concussion and enters the league concussion protocol. Backup Benny Cunningham (-29.8%) ran well in Stacy's absence and is most likely to start if Stacy misses time, despite the continued roster presence of opening day starter Daryl Richardson (-20.4%). Cornerback Cortland Finnegan has been playing this season with an orbital fracture -- an eye socket injury which was causing double vision and affecting Finnegan's depth perception. He was placed on injured reserve at the weekend and will have surgery to repair the socket.

Steelers Defensive Tackle Steve McClendon -- Ankle

Steve McClendon will miss at least Thursday night's game against the Ravens after spraining his ankle against the Browns. Al Woods replaced McClendon on Sunday and is in line for his first career start on Thursday night. Backup cornerback Curtis Brown tore the ACL in his left knee and will miss the rest of the season.

Posted by: Rivers McCown on 25 Nov 2013

9 comments, Last at 26 Nov 2013, 1:05pm by TimK


by Malene, copenhagen (not verified) :: Mon, 11/25/2013 - 5:36pm

This is just weird. Long list on Broncos injuries, but no Patriots? Just off the top of my head, Talib, Spikes, Cannon, Dennard, Sopoaga, Hightower all left the game with apparent injuries. Blount appeared to be concussed. No mention?

by justanothersteve :: Mon, 11/25/2013 - 6:27pm

Are you actually expecting timely, accurate, information regarding any injury from Fort Belichick?

by Andrew Potter :: Tue, 11/26/2013 - 7:55am

Aqib Talib and Alfonzo Dennard had existing injuries, and their playing time was expected to be limited. I haven't seen anything that indicates a change in either's status since Week 12. Belichick has described Dont'a Hightower sitting out the second half as "an adjustment we had to make", and it's not clear whether he and Isaac Sopoaga were injured. I haven't seen any reports of LeGarrette Blount being injured, simply benched after his fumble. I also haven't seen any reports of Brandon Spikes being injured.

The one I did definitely miss is Marcus Cannon, who left the game with an ankle injury. I don't have any information on the severity of that. I'd guess Will Svitek will replace him in the lineup if he misses time, as on Sunday night.

by Ryan D. :: Tue, 11/26/2013 - 9:11am

Blount did leave the game following his fumble. But his fumble was caused by a brutal blow to the head. Cris Collinsworth even said during the replay that it looked like he might have been knocked out for a split second after contact.

by tuluse :: Mon, 11/25/2013 - 6:35pm

This year has just been brutal.

by Andrew Potter :: Tue, 11/26/2013 - 9:33am

Adam Schefter is reporting that Broncos defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson dislocated his hip, and will miss about six weeks.

by In_Belichick_We... :: Tue, 11/26/2013 - 9:49am

The Rodgers-Cromartie injury was absurd. He injured himself diving for an interception on the last play of the half. A hail mary into the wind that was going to fall short. That interception would only pad his stats.
He injured himself on a stupid play that would not have affected the outcome of the game.
I'm sure there is some instinct involved in the play but it sure looks like a selfish play that has hurt the team.

by rageon :: Tue, 11/26/2013 - 12:39pm

I did think that myself for a second, but then just assumed that it's his instinct to go for the ball in any circumstance. Along those lines, even if he's aware of the situation, he knows that catching it ends the half, period. Stranger things have happened than some guy he doesn't see coming from behind him and catching it.

I quickly turned my attention back to being upset with Trindon Holiday for yet another fumble that lead the play on which DRC was injured. I'm not convinced he is a net-positive at this point. For a mediocre team, perhaps an explosive but fumble-prone return man makes sense in that he is able to swing some games himself. But Denver is good enough that they don't need to take the risk.

by TimK :: Tue, 11/26/2013 - 1:05pm

Problem is that without Holiday Denver seem reduced to putting Wes Welker back for punts, and he doesn't inspire confidence. Made bad mistakes in the playoffs last year, and in the game on Sunday (if you are going to put a 'hands' man in there to make the ball safe, then he has to fair catch that ball in overtime).

As a Bronco's fan, at least players like Ihenacho are not on the Bronco's injury report, despite missing some time during the game. There must have been about half the Bronco's secondary missing during the start of the second half. With KC looking devoid of pass rush and the Bronco lacking in secondary we could see lots of offense by default next weekend.