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08 May 2014

FO SITE NEWS: NFL Draft Audibles

We've done live chats for past NFL drafts, but this year we're going to do something a bit different. This year, we're planning on doing an Audibles at the Line just like we did during the season each Sunday.

During the first three rounds of the draft, please use the Twitter hashtag #FOAud to follow FO writers commenting on the draft. FO readers can also use this hashtag to make their own comments or to ask specific questions to the FO writers, which we'll try to answer as if we were doing a chat.

Friday and Saturday morning we'll run special Audibles at the Line on FO with the best tweets from the previous night as well as a short post-draft e-mail discussion between the FO writers.

You are welcome to continue to use the hashtag #FOAud on Saturday, but our plan is to only specifically tweet, respond to questions, and post Audibles for Round 1 (Thursday night) and Rounds 2-3 (Friday night).

There will also be a big NFL Draft open thread for discussion here on the site.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 08 May 2014