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27 Jan 2014

REMINDER: Change in Comment and Registration Policies

Football Outsiders is making an important change in our comment and registration policy. As you may have noticed, we're having some significant problems with our spam filter program. It's blocking way too many legitimate comments and even banning IP addresses that should not be banned. Therefore, to limit spam, we are instead going to switch to a model where readers need to be logged in to our site in order to comment in the discussion threads on articles (or on the open message board). We will be doing this as of Monday January 27.

Certainly, we would like to make it possible for new readers who are visiting the site for the first time to comment on articles. But those don't seem to be the people who make unregistered comments. A good number of unregistered comments come from the same readers who comment on a regular basis. So for those readers, all we are asking is for you to simply register for the site. It's absolutely free and we do not sell our e-mail list to anyone. (In fact, we don't even really use it ourselves; we don't send any e-mails to all registered users at once or anything similar.)

The other unregistered comments tend to either be spam or one-sentence negative troll comments, and frankly, we could do without both of those.

So please, if you are a regular reader of our website, register with a username and password by next Monday, January 27. You can click here to register for the site.

UPDATE: We've now switched over to the registration-only system. Thanks to everyone who has registered for the site and will continue to comment.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 27 Jan 2014