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01 Jul 2014

SITE NEWS: Update on KUBIAK and FOA 2014

We're almost at July, which means people are going to start wondering when the 2014 KUBIAK fantasy football projections and Football Outsiders Almanac 2014 are going to show up for sale on Football Outsiders. I wanted to let everyone know about this year's delays.

Both KUBIAK and the book will be delayed this year. We're hoping it's not for more than a week or two, but I'll be honest, there's a possibility the book won't be ready until early August. KUBIAK, at least, should be ready by July 10.

UPDATE: July 15, because of Sean McCall's schedule, but that's an absolute set-in-stone date. KUBIAK will go on sale July 15, period, no delays after that.

UPDATE 2: Did we say no delays? We meant July 16, but the delay is caused by a promotion that will save you $10, so hopefully we're all good.

There are three reasons for the delay. The first reason, and unfortunately the biggest, is the personal family issue that you may have seen me refer to on Twitter recently. I hope everyone understands if I am private about the specifics, but its been a very difficult few months here, and it has really impacted my ability to work. Life: it's unavoidable.

The second reason is that for a number of different reasons there were writers who are unable to contribute to this year's book, which meant finding new writers who could fill in. We're getting some great people because of that -- Chase Stuart, Jason Lisk, and Christopher Price -- but the latter two have not contributed to FOA in the past, and it takes time to get in the rhythm of the book process. Not to mention all three guys have their day jobs.

The final reason is the one really happy reason, and that is that our own Vince Verhei got married. Whoo! Congratulations to Vince and his lovely bride Bridget. Vince not only writes for us, but also does all the layout on the book, so we're delayed a little bit extra for a mini-honeymoon they are taking. That's one delay I certainly don't mind.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 01 Jul 2014