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19 Aug 2015

Kelvin Benjamin, Louis Delmas Tear ACLs

A couple of very unfortunate injuries today at practice: one predictable, one not. The latter would be Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin, who will now miss his second NFL season after tearing his ACL trying to cut on a pass route. I certainly don't need to explain to FO readers just how much the Panthers had a two-man passing game last year: Greg Olsen and Benjamin. This is a huge loss for the Panthers. Meanwhile, down in Miami, Louis Delmas tore his right ACL for the second time in nine months. The guy just can't stay healthy.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 19 Aug 2015

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by Joseph :: Wed, 08/19/2015 - 5:45pm

Never want to see a guy get hurt, but I am assuming this diminishes CAR's projections and slightly increases those of the other NFCS teams. (I'm a Saints' fan). Also, since ATL and NO were two of the teams in the ESPN feature on teams expected to improve, this injury gives even more "data" to back your theory.

by theslothook :: Wed, 08/19/2015 - 6:12pm

I was pretty bullish on NO even before the injury to Benjamin.

I think their D rebounds and their o plays more efficiently - even if its not nearly as explosive.

I really foresee a kind of renaissance year for the saints - representing the last hurrah for this regime, before finally crumbling a year from now.

by WeaponX :: Wed, 08/19/2015 - 6:12pm

Even without KB, Carolina is still the best team in the NFCS.

Sometimes I even trip myself out.

by Raiderjoe :: Wed, 08/19/2015 - 6:27pm

Do not drvay k.,benjamin ni fan ts st football this year. Notd to self.

by dbostedo :: Wed, 08/19/2015 - 11:01pm

Raiderjoe->English translation : Do not draft K. Benjamin in fantasy football this year. Note to self.

by theslothook :: Wed, 08/19/2015 - 11:04pm

Good thing, because I don't even think Google's machine learning based translator could solve RaiderJoe.

by bingo762 :: Thu, 08/20/2015 - 9:49am

Isn't Funchess a Benjamin clone? Isn't there a chance there offense stays the same with Funchess playing the Benjamin role?

by MilkmanDanimal :: Thu, 08/20/2015 - 10:02am

They're both big, but I believe Funchess is nowhere near as quick; I thought there was some discussion around the draft that Funchess might switch to TE because he's big but not particularly fleet of foot. KB's thing is being an athletic freak, so don't think the two are similar.

by dbostedo :: Thu, 08/20/2015 - 10:36am

Here are their NFL.com draft profile pages for comparison :


Benjamin ran a 4.61 at the combine, and Funchess ran a 4.70. Funchess had a better vertical by 7 inches and better broad jump. I don't see a number for the shuttle from him. Funchess is slightly smaller too, though both are big.

(Also, Benjamin claimed he ran slower than he could intentionally to try to fall to the Panthers... put as much stock in that as it deserves.)

by Camille :: Mon, 08/31/2015 - 3:24pm

Raiderjoe->English translation : Do not draft K. Benjamin in fantasy football this year. Note to self. http://www.pulsionerotica.com/video/1662_Horny-spoiled-teen-is-fucking-h...

by ramsingh :: Fri, 09/11/2015 - 5:44am