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14 Apr 2017

Senior V.P. of Officiating Dean Blandino Resigns

Hey, so, remember that thing where Dean Blandino in the NFL offices in New York was going to decide all replay reviews? Never mind. Blandino is leaving the NFL, likely to go to CBS as their officiating expert. Perhaps the league should have made sure its head of officiating was sticking around before making a rule change this offseason?

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 14 Apr 2017

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by Bright Blue Shorts :: Fri, 04/14/2017 - 1:11pm

Seems like he's doing the same job without any of the responsibilities.

Blandino's always seemed come across well in the NFL vidoes and when he first got the NFL job he seemed willing to say "the refs screwed up". In recent years, I got the feeling he's been covering for them more and more often. And the rule for catches has just become something of an enjoyment killer.

by coboney :: Sun, 04/16/2017 - 7:08am

Well maybe being outside the NFL offices will let him go back to being willing to say when there's an error as I imagine he caught a ton of heat for that internally.

by JoeyHarringtonsPiano :: Fri, 04/14/2017 - 7:50pm

"In recent years, I got the feeling he's been covering for them more and more often."

This. When the United Airlines CEO sent out that letter saying the crew of that plane where that guy got beaten up "followed proper procedures", my first thought was, "Hey, he sounds just like Dean Blandino."

by Tomlin_Is_Infallible :: Mon, 04/17/2017 - 11:27pm

Another black eye for Darth Goodell. Wonder how his spin doctor PK will spin this clusterfark.

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