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30 Oct 2017

Zeke Elliott Suspension: Back Off For Now

As if Monday evening wasn't busy enough in the NFL already, we got the decision we were waiting for out of the Southern District of New York. Ezekiel Elliott's application for a preliminary injunction against his six-game suspension was rejected, so it's back on again. Tonight's order was stayed for 24 hours to allow parties to pursue appellate options. The story is not completely over, but we should now be very close to the time the Cowboys play games without their top running back.

UPDATE (Friday, 11-3, 1125 CT): Elliott pursued his appellate option, and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals granted a stay, permitting him to play in Sunday's home game against the Chiefs. The Second Circuit will consider Eliott's case on a substantive rather than procedural basis next week, so his status for games after this Sunday's remains cloudy at best.

Posted by: Tom Gower on 30 Oct 2017

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by mathesond :: Tue, 10/31/2017 - 11:51am

But how does this affect the Garoppolo trade?

by RickD :: Tue, 10/31/2017 - 5:22pm

Redskins fans are pissed. "Why couldn't this ruling have been handed down last Friday?!"

Of course, if that had happened, the suspension would have included both games vs. Washington this year.

by mathesond :: Fri, 11/03/2017 - 10:36am

And he's playing again!

I kinda gt the feeling he'll be long retired before this ever gets settled.

by jds :: Fri, 11/03/2017 - 12:35pm

I dunno, I think everyone is playing a little chicken here, with a potential for disaster. If he did his suspension at start of year, like Brady, this will all have blown over by now (except Cowboys record may look different). But if the end of the legal trail is soon, his suspension could be in some pretty important games - and big focus, etc. Not good for Zeke (obviously) and not good for NFL (they get "limited" approval for standing up to domestic violence, or whatever this is all about now - but from people who aren't really fans).

Zeke loses same salary, regardless of the games missed, so I have to wonder if the NFLPA was really just kicking this down the road to end of season, to either hope Roger backs down (fat chance), or that Roger gets a black eye from suspending a difference maker during the final playoff push (which might affect his continued employability).

by JoeyHarringtonsPiano :: Fri, 11/03/2017 - 2:01pm

I wish they would just make up their damn minds, so I can figure out whether or not to cancel my huge Papa Johns pizza order for Sunday.

by dryheat :: Fri, 11/03/2017 - 2:16pm

Boy, Jerry Jones is mad as a hornet at the Commissioner's punishment regarding an allegation that was not proven.

I'm curious...does anybody remember his take on the Brady suspension last year? I seem to recall he being a significant voice on the "Patriots, and Brady, must be punished" train.

by jtr :: Fri, 11/03/2017 - 5:41pm

Deadspin is reporting that the owner's group was rather divided during a recent meeting on anthem protests, with Jerry leading one group and Kraft leading the other:

It's pretty easy to see how a schism could open up in the owner's group right now. Goodell's random and draconian approach to justice may ultimately prove good to the owners in the long run as he uses it as a bludgeon in the next CBA negotiation, but in the meantime it has been affecting individual teams. Now it's struck two of the most influential team owners in the league, and it's only natural that they're mad about it. Plus, the league has been thrust into a big political battle they never asked for (though probably could have handled much better). And worst of all, TV ratings are declining for the first time in forever, eroding the glue that held them all together: exponentially increasing revenue. It's easy to forgive and forget when you're all expecting to practically print money for the rest of your lives. It's a lot harder when your business model is starting to be threatened.

by barf :: Fri, 11/03/2017 - 3:44pm

I'm just looking at how much time, effort and money is being thrown at this. It's ridiculous this couldn't be figured out without all of the *drama*.