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08 Apr 2006, 02:26pm by Michael David Smith

Five Accept Draft Invitations

Five prospects have accepted invitations to attend the NFL draft: Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, and Mario Williams. Most years, at least one of the players present slides further into the first round than was expected when he accepted the invitation, leading to some awkward moments. Any predictions as to who it'll be this year?

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08 Apr 2006, 09:08am by Michael David Smith

Favre: "I Don't Know"

Brett Favre says he will make a decision about his retirement some time soon, but that he currently is unsure whether he'll be back.

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07 Apr 2006, 01:30pm by Benjy Rose

DJ talks NFL on ESPN.com

DJ Gallo gives a rundown of the key games each week of the season with his usual blend of wit and, well, wit. Some funny stuff here, including showing the Pats some disrespect. My favorite quip is from week 15: "Cleveland at Baltimore -- Punting is awesome."

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07 Apr 2006, 11:35am by P. Ryan Wilson

Gramatica Might Replace Vinatieri

The Pats have signed Martin "Automatica" Gramatica to compete for the kicking job now that Adam Vinatieri has left for Field Turfier pastures. The fact that Gramatica wasn't given the job outright further reinforces the argument that when your nickname is "Automatica" you're setting yourself up to fail. Apparently the Patriots are also interested in Ohio State's Josh Huston, who will hold a workout Monday. In other news, New England signed their 1998 first round pick Tebucky Jones, currently giving them the largest collection of mediocre secondary talent on one team.

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06 Apr 2006, 08:27pm by Michael David Smith

Saints Trade Wayne Gandy to Falcons

I don't want to overreact to a relatively minor trade, but when the Saints, sitting at No. 2 in the draft, trade the player who was projected to start at left tackle, it's reasonable to think they might be considering D'Brickashaw Ferguson in the first round.

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06 Apr 2006, 02:00pm by Aaron Schatz

2006 NFL Schedule Released

Here's your link, discuss. Both NFL Network and ESPN are running two-hour specials on the schedule release. At first I thought this meant it would be released gradually, but no, the whole thing is now out but they're going to spend two whole hours just talking about it. A few things I notice at first:

* There are now only seven bye weeks, not eight. SIX teams have bye weeks in Weeks 6 and 7. This is going to seriously screw up some fantasy football teams.
* Saints first game back in New Orleans is Monday Night Football on September 25 (Week 3).

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06 Apr 2006, 09:47am by P. Ryan Wilson

NFL Bans Local TV Cameras

Huh. I didn't know that "unauthorized footage of [NFL] games appearing on the internet" was a problem. And even if it is, how do banning local television crews fix anything?

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05 Apr 2006, 04:24pm by Michael David Smith

Philly Fans Won't Just Boo Santa this Christmas

Eagles fans probably won't be feeling much peace on earth or good will toward men. Terrell Owens is coming to town this Christmas.

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05 Apr 2006, 03:28pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Shifting Gears

In the wake of Willie McGinest, David Givens, Adam Vinatieri and even Tom Ashworth signing lucrative contracts with other teams, the Globe's Mike Reiss offers some perspective: "[Ashworth signing with the Seahawks] shows how a team can develop a player -- Ashworth was a rookie free agent/practice squad guy when he arrived in New England -- and make him a targeted free agent. The Patriots must feel like the Ashworth signing (David Givens, too) validates their program and coaching.

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04 Apr 2006, 04:41pm by Michael David Smith

Culpepper Cleared in Sex Boat Case

Daunte Culpepper was cleared Tuesday of misdemeanor charges stemming from the infamous boat party. A judge ruled there wasn't probable cause to determine a crime was committed by Culpepper, one of four Minnesota Vikings accused of misdemeanor lewd conduct during the cruise last fall on a suburban lake

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