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30 Aug 2012, 01:40pm by Andy Benoit

Film Room: The Rise of the Tight End

What does a two-tight end formation do to help an offense? Why is it in vogue?

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15 Aug 2012, 12:44pm by Andy Benoit

Film Room: Make or Break

Don't worry too much about who your team is starting. Worry that they may not have the pieces to match up and win in make-or-break situations.

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31 Jul 2012, 11:19am by Andy Benoit

Film Room: Understanding Cornerbacks

Andy Benoit's first Film Room focuses on the skill sets of Nnamdi Asomugha and Asante Samuel. What does a real shutdown corner do?

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20 Oct 2011, 12:56pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: The No-Huddle Defense

John Wooden used to say, "Be quick, but don't hurry." The best way to beat complex defenses is to find ways to do both on a regular basis.

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13 Oct 2011, 10:02am by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: Birds Out of Hand

The Eagles' pass defense is clearly a disappointment, but just how bad are Nnamdi and Friends this year? We go under the hood with a little help from Greg Cosell.

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05 Oct 2011, 12:33pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: View From the Press Box

With the benefit of the ultimate All-22 view, we investigate how Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner fared against Julio Jones this weekend.

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21 Sep 2011, 12:56pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: Reality Checks

What a difference a week makes. While Cam Newton tried to survive the inevitable shaky sequel to his historic debut, the Seahawks may be looking for a re-do on youth over experience where it really counts.

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14 Sep 2011, 09:38am by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: Here Comes the Sun King

In his return to the land where he won all the Tostitos, Cam Newton showed that he's (mostly) ready for the pros. Plus: What the hell was Tony Romo thinking?

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31 Aug 2011, 10:45am by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: Misplaced Assets

Is Mario Williams really a weakside "endbacker", or has the Texans' 3-4 switch left him as the odd man out? And what's the deal with Von Miller, SAM linebacker? In the return of Cover-2, Doug Farrar finds out what's in a positional name.

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06 May 2011, 09:10am by Doug Farrar

What the Tape Saw: SackSEER

When it comes to projecting performance, scouting and stats must have equal time. Now that we know the NFL destinations of this year's SackSEER class, how does each player look based on talent and scheme fit? Comments include BONUS SackSEER projections for Adrian Clayborn and Cameron Jordan.

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