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24 Dec 2007, 02:13am by Aaron Schatz

Before the Turner Frenzy Begins, Consider These Cautionary Tales

The final ESPN Monday Night Football feature from Football Outsiders is an adaptation of a piece Bill Barnwell wrote for Boston Sports Media Watch back when the Patriots played the Chargers in Week 2. We know that in the coming off-season, some team will sign Michael Turner to be their starting running back, but do they know what they're getting? If you don't know Turner's DVOA rating for 2007, you are probably in for a bit of a shock.

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20 Dec 2007, 07:15pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Week 16

Here's this week's look at all 16 NFL games using Football Outsiders numbers. This week: Find out which NFL cornerback is the Human Target, which NFL offense is getting blitzed the most, and which game is the matchup of the week for everyone who loves fullbacks.

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16 Dec 2007, 02:03am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Vikings' Run Dominance Might Not Be Enough

This week's ESPN MNF article discusses the myth that run-oriented teams succeed in the postseason, particularly where it concerns this year's Minnesota Vikings -- one of the most unbalanced teams in NFL history, with offense and defense far superior on running plays as opposed to passing plays.

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13 Dec 2007, 04:22pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Week 15

Here's the latest edition of our weekly column with interesting stats about each of the week's games. This week, learn some interesting facts about Boone Stutz, Derrick Pope, and Walpole's Own Todd Collins. Plus: We now have enough game charting data to throw some into Numbers Crunching! Huzzah!

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08 Dec 2007, 07:06pm by Doug Farrar

ESPN: Dunn Should be a Model for Bush

We're not yet 100 percent sure how Reggie Bush's knee injury will affect his ability to play out the year, but Bush and the Saints have both endured difficult follow-ups to their 2006 miracle season. If Bush does make the game itself, even as a spectator, there's a great career example for him on the opposing team.

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07 Dec 2007, 03:21pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Week 14

This week's survey of interesting FO stats for all 16 games tells you why it will be a big week for T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Greg Jennings, and Roddy White, and why anyone who likes punt returns should watch Seattle-Arizona while anyone who likes kickoff returns should watch Cleveland-New York.

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02 Dec 2007, 11:21pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Best-Ever Teams Have No Title Guarantees

This week's ESPN MNF column looks at two things: How the Patriots compare to the teams covered in Eddie Epstein's book Dominance, and how their near-loss to Philadelphia compares to other near-losses by the NFL's greatest teams. Suffice it to say, one or two close wins doesn't say much about the Pats' overall greatness.

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29 Nov 2007, 06:09pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Week 13

Here's the weekly look at random FO-related stats from each game. This week, find out which situation gives Dallas the biggest advantage over Green Bay, the ironic truth about Seattle penalties, and the mind-blowing dominance of the Tennessee Titans when it comes to the new statistic "quarterback hits."

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23 Nov 2007, 07:49pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Why Miami Will Not Go Winless

By complete coincidence, MDS and I each wrote our columns today about the Dolphins -- him for FOX, me for ESPN -- and came up with opposite conclusions.

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21 Nov 2007, 03:30pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Week 12

Our ESPN.com look at matchups around the league goes up a little early this week, due to Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, thanks again to Ryan Wilson for helping out with the condensed schedule. This week, learn about the differences between St. Louis wide receivers, the similarity between Baltimore linebackers, and why Arizona has a special relationship with the officials.

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