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01 Nov 2012, 12:17pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Cowboys over Falcons

With no likely upsets to write about this week, we look at what could be the most surprising upset. What does Dallas need to do in order to knock off Atlanta? Plus: Why Buffalo could run on Houston almost as much as Houston will run on Buffalo.

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31 Oct 2012, 02:40pm by Danny Tuccitto

ESPN: Week 9 Fantasy Matchups

New Orleans presents the perfect opportunity for Michael Vick to get back on track, while Tony Romo and Andy Dalton are among this week's poor plays.

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30 Oct 2012, 08:50pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: Kansas State Is The Most Proven Team

Alabama, Oregon, and Notre Dame are probably going to grab the headlines down the stretch, but Kansas State may have the best statistical profile to date.

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30 Oct 2012, 11:21am by Vincent Verhei

ESPN: Miami Might Be For Real

10th place in DVOA coming into the week, the Dolphins may be a surprise playoff team. Ryan Tannehill has been acceptable, and the run defense has been phenomenal. However, they will have to deal with a tougher schedule in the second half.

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25 Oct 2012, 10:57am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Redskins over Steelers

The ground game could be Washington's ticket to an upset win in Pittsburgh this weekend. Cover watch looks at San Francisco at Arizona, two teams in the division where home cookin' tastes the sweetest.

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24 Oct 2012, 11:35am by Danny Tuccitto

ESPN: Week 8 Fantasy Matchups

We recommend seeing if you can cut a deal for Andre Johnson, and jumping off the Shonn Greene train before it's too late. You'll want to start Andrew Luck this week, but don't play Doug Martin if you have better options.

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23 Oct 2012, 01:30pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN: Why .500 Broncos Are AFC's Best

Why are the 3-3 Denver Broncos higher in DVOA than even the 6-1 Houston Texans? They have a balanced and improved defense, a terrible record of fumble recovery luck, and some dude named Peyton Manning.

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23 Oct 2012, 01:14pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: Similarity Scores for Top Teams

What is the likelihood of each BCS top-five team remaining undefeated, and which statistics may reveal their vulnerabilities down the stretch?

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18 Oct 2012, 10:49am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Ravens over Texans

ESPN Upset Watch is on a four-game winning streak, but just like last week I don't think the line in this game in particularly wrong. This is less about why the Ravens will topple the Texans, and more about how the Ravens offense can attack the Texans defense in order to overcome the injury issues that the Ravens have on their own defense and outscore Houston. Cover watch looks at the double-digit line on the biggest game of the week, Jets-Patriots. And how do we know it's the biggest game of the week? 'CAUSE THAT'S WHERE I'M GONNA BE. (These last three sentences are copyright 2012 Sal Paolantonio.)

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17 Oct 2012, 12:56pm by Danny Tuccitto

ESPN: Week 7 Fantasy Matchups

This week we look at kickers and fantasy defenses you should try to target or avoid for the stretch run, and recommend you start Ryan Fitzpatrick, Doug Martin, and Denarius Moore, among others.

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