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27 Sep 2012, 02:59pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Bears over Cowboys

Today's upset watch looks at the Bears, fifth in VOA and underdogs on the road against Dallas, 18th. Two similar teams, with one big difference: special teams. Special teams are also the secret behind our Cover Watch, Tennessee at Houston.

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27 Sep 2012, 02:02am by Danny Tuccitto

ESPN: Week 4 Fantasy Matchups

A look at players who have overachieved or underachieved their KUBIAK projections the most through three weeks with an eye towards selling high or buying low. And of course, the big tables and featured matchups. Hint: Start your Packers!

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25 Sep 2012, 09:41pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: Stat Profiles Of College Contenders

How do Alabama, Oregon, LSU, Florida State, and Georgia compare statistically with recent national contenders?

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25 Sep 2012, 04:20pm by Aaron Schatz

Aaron Schatz on B.S. Report

My triumphant return to the B.S. Report, talking about the problems of the Steelers and Saints, the surprises of the NFC West, and of course REFPOCALYPSE.

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25 Sep 2012, 12:57pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN: Steelers D Wilts Without Polamalu

It's rare that you can see the obvious effect of a missing player other than a quarterback, but it is pretty clear when looking at the numbers for the Pittsburgh defense with and without Troy Polamalu since 2008.

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20 Sep 2012, 11:56am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Cardinals over Eagles

This week: How the replacement refs can help the Cardinals surprise the Eagles, and why the placement of cornerbacks is critically important in this game. "Cover Watch" looks at San Francisco at Minnesota. A change this week: From now on, we're only going to cover games where the line is at least three points.

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19 Sep 2012, 04:54pm by Danny Tuccitto

ESPN: Week 3 Fantasy Matchups

A follow-up on last week's look at surprising early-season defenses, and applying the old FO finding that No. 1 cornerbacks don't get "matched up" on No. 1 wide receivers. Also, with Detroit's defense coming to town, it's make-or-break week for Chris Johnson's fantasy roster spot.

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18 Sep 2012, 08:25pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: Home Field Advantages For Top Teams

When teams do play better at home, what does it mean? Let's take a closer look at home game efficiency splits for Oregon, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and Florida State heading into their showdown match-ups this weekend.

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18 Sep 2012, 12:05pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN: Can Jay Cutler Become Brett Favre?

Um, probably not. But Cutler's numbers are somewhat similar to some other recent quarterbacks who did have postseason success.

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13 Sep 2012, 12:32pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Ravens over Eagles

Once upon a time, the Ravens brought pressure, but Michael Vick was great when pressured. Last week, the Ravens didn't bring as much pressure, and Michael Vick was awful when pressured. What wins out this Sunday?

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