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15 Jun 2012

ESPN: 20 BCS Title Contenders

The complete F/+ projections for all 124 FBS teams will be published in the Football Outsiders Almanac in July. But ESPN Insider subscribers get a sneak peek of our win projections for 20 of the top teams.

The "20* Teams That Can Win It All" series features the top-20 teams according to Program FEI, a five-year weighted drive efficiency metric. In each of the last eight seasons, the two BCS championship game participants have entered that season as top-20 PFEI teams. PFEI ratings aren't a guarantee of next year success, and there are some surprises every year. That said, it has been rare that national champions have claimed a title without first having established several years of success.

Here are all 20 teams profiled in the Insider series over the last four weeks. The primary write-ups are provided by other writers, but we provide the projection section at the end of each profile:

Posted by: Brian Fremeau on 15 Jun 2012