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17 Oct 2012

ESPN: One-Loss Teams With A Chance

The BCS standings don't mean anything too much yet, but fan bases want to know if their program really has a shot at ascending to one of the top two spots. An even more important question is which teams have a legitimate shot at running the table the rest of the way. Since nearly everyone is expected to trip up based on probabilities, the current crop of one-loss teams has a chance. This piece ranks the current one-loss teams according to their likelihood of finishing the year without another loss. Good news for Florida State, Texas A&M and Oklahoma. Bad news for LSU?

Posted by: Brian Fremeau on 17 Oct 2012

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by Dparker (not verified) :: Mon, 02/25/2013 - 2:37am

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by JillianDamant (not verified) :: Wed, 03/06/2013 - 6:33am

Really a great Loss for LSU, I hope they will regain their team and win matches in the next season, I wish I could watch their game soon as well as the mayweather vs guerrero fight that's pretty soon.

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