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05 May 2014

ESPN: FEI Top 25 Projections

We wrapped up conference projections for each of the Big Five conferences last week, but it is now time to turn our attention to the national scene. The post-spring FEI projections are a function of five-year program ratings, returning starters, recruiting success and quarterback reliance -- statistical indicators of teams that may take a step forward or a step back next season -- all of which figure prominently into the projection model.

For each team in the projected top 25, we provide the team's projected regular-season and conference record and their opponent-adjusted offensive and defensive ranking projection. We also identify each team's likelihood to position itself for a berth in the inaugural national championship playoff, and highlight the three toughest games on the schedule according to these projections. The likelihood of victory in each of those games is listed as well.

Posted by: Brian Fremeau on 05 May 2014