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24 May 2014

ESPN: FSU's Path To The Playoff

The Seminoles are the defending national champions, and with Jameis Winston back on campus to pick up right where his Heisman-winning 2013 campaign left off, Florida State is one of the top candidates to contend for another title this fall. Our most recent FEI projections tabbed the Seminoles with a No. 3 overall ranking in opponent-adjusted drive efficiency, but when we factor in the level of competition they'll face, there is no team more likely to grab one of the four coveted spots in the inaugural college football playoff at the end of the year.

We analyzed each matchup that lies ahead of FSU in the regular season, their projected competition in the ACC championship game and the potential opponents they would face in ESPN's playoff scenario. There are a few potential hurdles in the way, but Florida State has the edge in every projected matchup ... until the championship game in January.

Posted by: Brian Fremeau on 24 May 2014