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09 Oct 2008, 05:36pm by Bill Barnwell

Week 6 Fantasy Matchups

It's Frerotte time!

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03 Oct 2008, 12:47am by Bill Barnwell

Fantasy Matchups: Week 5

Bears fans, bask in your hype.

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25 Sep 2008, 04:35pm by Bill Barnwell

FO on ESPN: Week 4 Matchups

How are injuries affecting fantasy matchups? Plus, picking on the Rams. Anyone can do it!

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18 Sep 2008, 05:08pm by Bill Barnwell

FO on ESPN: Week 3 Matchups

Matchup analysis this week highlights how Ryan Grant's good day of football didn't translate into good fantasy production.

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11 Sep 2008, 08:21pm by Bill Barnwell

Week 2 Fantasy Matchups

This week's fantasy matchups column sees big things for Big Blue.

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