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18 Oct 2017

ESPN: Week 7 DFS Matchups

At ESPN Insider, some of our favorite Week 7 DFS matchups include Marcus Mariota, Melvin Gordon, Pierre Garcon, and Kyle Rudolph. We're also willing to give Brett Hundley a chance in tournaments.

Each week I will recap the picks I made in the previous week's column to gauge the accuracy of my advice. References to rankings are from DraftKings for that player's position.


Deshaun Watson - the rookie delivered again with 24.3 FPT to finish as QB3.

Chris Thompson - he was a good value pick with 20.8 FPT, but how many more long receptions can he really have this year? I'm skeptical going forward with Thompson.

Will Fuller - he won't keep catching touchdowns almost every time he touches the ball, but Fuller delivered again with a score for 14.2 FPT. His salary is going to keep going up as long as Houston's passing game is this surprisingly productive.

Tyreek Hill (fade) - Pittsburgh has defended Hill fairly well in three games now. He finished with 7.5 FPT and had to sit out the final drive.


Ben Roethlisberger - the regular numbers were better this week, but still just 12.88 FPT for Roethlisberger as Le'Veon Bell took over against the Chiefs (again).

Carson Wentz (fade) - I was right that Cam Newton would outscore Wentz on Thursday night, but both were actually fantasy viable with more than 22 FPT each.

Ameer Abdullah - only 5.4 FPT in a wild game that Detroit fell behind 45-10 in.

Carlos Hyde (fade) - I was right about Hyde getting nothing on the ground (13 carries for 28 yards), but those two 1-yard touchdown runs still account for 12.2 FPT. He finished with 24.5 FPT (RB7).

T.Y. Hilton - woof, Hilton had just one grab for 19 yards on Monday night. Maybe the Colts would have won if more targets went to their best receiver instead of a struggling Jack Doyle.

Amari Cooper - the return of Derek Carr didn't help get Cooper out of this funk. He only had 7.8 FPT.

David Njoku - just when you think you can trust a Cleveland player, Njoku only put up 2 FPT against the Texans.

Evan Engram (fade) - the only thing I got right about this game was that Denver's only way of losing was Trevor Siemian turning the ball over for points. Engram had the vast majority of Eli Manning's passing production, finishing with 19.2 FPT (TE3).

Week 1 tally: 7-4
Week 2 tally: 6-5
Week 3 tally: 5-8
Week 4 tally: 6-8
Week 5 tally: 8-4
Week 6 tally: 4-8
Season: 36-37

Posted by: Scott Kacsmar on 18 Oct 2017